Geissele Super Duty Luna Black Rifle and LPVO Vortex Optic Combo

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Geissele Super Duty Rifle, 14.5" p/w - Luna Black LPVO Vortex Combo

Luna Black 14.5" pinned and welded rifle paired with a Vortex PST Gen2 1-6x LPVO scope and Geissele SOPMOD scope mount

Charlie's brings you a great combo deal

Geissele has been working for the last two years to perfect the Super Duty rifle, and there is something really sweet about the Luna Black Super Duty in 14.5"  Charlie's loves the shorter barrel, made possible by permanently affixing the Surefire flash hider to the barrel to bring you a 16" overall barrel length.  Geissele has pulled out all the stops with this Super Duty Rifle, featuring their USASOC contract Mk16 rail and the Gesissele REBCG bolt carrier group, and a special military trigger and their own mid-length chrome-lined barrel with Geissele's low profile gas block permanently "bomb-proof" attached.  Charlie's Custom Clones has chosen to pair the Luna Black with another great black low power variable optic that does not break the bank.  The Vortex PST Gen2 is a great scope, just below Vortex's flagship Razor line, and on-half the price.  With a 14.5" barrel, we felt you would want an LPVO for two-eyes open shooting at 1-x and the ability to bring in targets at 300 yards or more with ease.  Rounding out the combo, CCC is using Geissele's own SOPMOD certified 30mm scope mount designed specifically for Vortex LPVO.  The mount is top shelf and fits the Vortex like a glove.

Geissele Super Duty Luna Black Rifle

Geissele's flagship rifle, the Super Duty in 14.5" pinned and welded Surefire closed-tine flash hider is a both a fine weapon, and finely crafted.  We all love the DDC / tan colors, but the quality of this finish in jet black is hard to beat.  Geissele has been working to perfect its initial rifle offering, and the Super Duty Luna Black in 14.5" rifle with the cold hammer forged barrel is a crowd pleaser.  Featuring standard mil-spec 1:7 twist 5.56 NATO chambering, a lot of thought and engineering has gone into this rifle and the Geissele barrel, and it shows.

While originally a law enforcement budget build, the 2020 / 2021 Super Duty is a world-class rifle.

The Geissele CHF barrel makes is debut in the Super Duty rifle series, and is nice in that it is so normal.  So military.  CHF or button broached are both good.  Geissele is making CHF, and in 1:7 twist with a mid-length gas system and Geissele's low profile gas block, both with set pins and drilled and pinned.  Geissele calls this bomb-proof.  It is a bit of over-engineering, but why not.  When your name is on the gas block, call it whatever you want.  It is a fine gas block, and proven for years.

Interesting as well is Geissele's choice of the Surefire closed-tine flash hider.  Geissele's first generation of Super Duty had the tried and true 3-prong SOCOM flash hider from Surefire.  The use of the Close Tine gives the rifle a little edge in uniqueness, if not sophistication.  The 3-prong is the Surefire flagship, but Geissele did get some feedback that the 3-prong caused a harmonic "twang."  That is to be expected with any Surefire "tine" flash hider.  We are not sure if this was more pronounced with the Geissele CHF barrel, or just a choice to be different, but we like it.

The trigger is unique.  Geissele has inserted a great Geissele trigger.  Borrowing from the fully automatic, SSF, Geissele offers the SSF -X in semi-automatic, with flat bow and a DLC like coating, along with the BCG, that Geissele calls "Nanocoating."  A fancy name for a diamond like coating that serves to lubricate and resist corrosion.  Geissele has invested quite a bit of time in bringing their Nanocoating to market, and like all things Geissele, there is great quality and a little of marketing going on here.  

At the heart of this rifle is the Geissele REBCG (Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group). This Nanoweapon coated BCG is machined from mil-spec 8620 steel, with a properly torqued and staked, chrome lined gas key. The Cam Pin is machined from advanced, medical steel known as H13 which is also coated with Nanoweapon for maximum corrosion and wear resistance. The REBCG also features extended upper rails, providing greater stability and dramatically increasing feeding reliability.

The REBCG comes with the Geissele Stressproof Bolt. Made from Carpenter 158+, directly developed with Carpenter Steel metallurgists to create a material that is cleaner and has less impurities. This makes our Stressproof bolt stronger and more fatigue resistant. The Geissele Stressproof bolt is also forged, not machined from barstock. This allows us to optimize the grain structure of the steel to yield a bolt capable of 5 times the life of a mil-spec bolt. Each bolt is rigorously inspected, high pressure tested, mag particle inspected and Nanoweapon coated.

The Super Duty lower is precision machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and features Geissele’s Ultra Duty Lower Parts Kit featuring our Ambidextrous Super Configurable safety and Ultra Precision trigger guard. A high quality mil-spec Geissele Buffer Tube with a Super-42 in H2 buffer ensures this rifle is properly tuned out of the box.

Rounding up the package is a 13.5” MK16 Super Modular Rail, that mates to the Super Duty Upper Receiver via a center aligning tab that removes any chance of rail rotation. The MK16 family of rails are fielded by USASOC and renowned by operators for their performance and comfort. An Airborne Charging Handle, ensure smooth and reliable operation.

A Geissele Rifle Grip and a B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD Stock finalizes this high-end rifle that offers the user unmatched accuracy and performance.

Super Duty Rifle Specs

LENGTH:  14.5", 16.1" after pin and weld, no NFA regisgration neeeded
COLOR:  Luna Black - a color you will love
LOWER RECEIVER:  Super Duty Lower Mil-Spec
UPPER RECEIVER:  Super Duty M4 Upper
BCG:  REBCG (Reliability Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group)
BOLT:  Geissele Stressproof Bolt
RAIL  13.5" SMR MK16 w/ Geissele Center Tab
TRIGGER:  SSA-E X w/ Lightning Bow®
BARREL:  14.5" Geissele Facotry Barrel, CHF, Chrome Line  1-7 Twist (Pin & Weld)
GAS SYSTEM:  Mid-Length
GAS BLOCK:  Super Compact Gas Block
CHARGING HANDLE:                  Airborne Charging Handle
MUZZLE:  Nanocoated Surefire Closed-Tine SOCOM
LOWER PARTS KIT:  Ultra Duty Lower Parts Kit
MAGAZINE: None, does not ship with a Magazine
BUFFER:  Mil-Spec 6 Position, 7075-T6
BUFFER ASSEMBLY:  Super-42 w/ H2 Buffer
STOCK:  B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD Stock
GRIP:  Geissele Rifle Grip

Vortex Viper PST Gen2 LPVO 1-6x24mm Scope

A great LPVO with quality optics, solid reticle and does not break the bank

The PST Gen-2 1-6x is good LPVO in a field crowded with good optics.  At Charlie's Custom Clones, we are scope snobs, and the PST Gen-2 is a respectable scope and gets the job done.  Yes, the best of the best will cost over $4,000, and the very good will cost double the price of the PST, but for some shooters, good enough is fine for low power variable optics.  At the end of the day, you want a solid 1x optic and the ability to zoom to 6x.  High precision glass might be needed for 25x, but the PST Gen-II does just fine as a respectable LPVO.  Also, many shooters prefer second focal plane optics for low magnification, where the need for distancing via FFP is not needed.

Vortex Viper PST Gen-II 1-6x24 Features:

  • Fully multi-coated Lens
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction
  • Waterproof, Fogproof, and Shockproof
  • Fast Focus Eyepiece
  • ArmorTek Coating
  • Hard Anodized Finish
  • Solid LPVO capabilities

The Viper PST from Vortex offers top-tier performance in a riflescope designed and built to the standards precision tactical shooters request. Quickly and accurately dial in shots with matching reticle and turret measurements. Professional-grade illuminated reticles are designed for daytime, low light, and night vision devices. The illumination control can be turned on or off with a single click between each intensity level. Optically indexed lenses deliver optimum edge-to-edge image sharpness and brightness. Best of all, it's backed by Vortex’s VIP Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.


Scope Weight: 22.7 oz
Scope Length: 10.9"
Magnification Range: 1-6x
Scope Objective Diameter: 24mm
Scope Tube Size / Mount:           30mm
Scope Turret Adjustment: .2 MRAD
Parallax Adjustment: 100 yds
Reticle Position: Second
Reticle Details: VMR-2 Reticle
Field of View: 112.5-18.8 feet/100 yards
Eye Relief: 3.8"
Illuminated Reticle: Yes
Scope Finish: matte black
MPN PST-1607

Geissele Super Precision SOPMOD Mount made for the Vortex LPVO 1-6 in 30mm rings in black

Made specifically for low power variable optics, the Geissele AR15 / M4 scope mount is prefect for Vortex and other LPVO optics with 30mm tubes.

SOPMOD is a USSOCOM program that allows Special Operations personnel to configure their weapons to individual preferences and mission requirements. The program is an approved accessory system for the M4A1 carbine, FN SCAR Mk 16/17 and other weapons used by USSOCOM. A SOPMOD outfitted weapon will increase operator lethality by enhanced weapon performance, target acquisition, signature suppression, and fire control. Every Geissele item offered in the Geissele SOPMOD series line has been put through rigorous U.S. Government testing and certification by USSOCOM for use by their Special Forces combat soldiers.

Performance and reliability are top priority when it comes to developing products for USSOCOM, and now civilians can own the same combat proven products found in the hands of these top tier units. With almost a decade of experience in the engineering and development of superior weapon components, why trust your life with anything else? Geissele is there to help you save the day.

The Geissele Super Precision Mounts are made from 7075-T6 High Strength Aluminum.  To create a mount with the best possible return to zero we machine the entire mount from a single piece of billet aluminum.  This allows us to add pockets and ribs throughout the mount for added strength and rigidity. It allows us to line bore the caps to each another and then serialize the caps to the body. The line bore operation creates the best possible fit to the body of your scope so that you can apply proper torque without fear of crushing or damaging the body of your scope. Another advantage of machining from a single piece of aluminum is that we are able to create a mount with cap locations that will suit a wide variety of scopes. 

Manufacturer's Part Number 05-329 B

Note:  Limit of one (1) rifle combo per family, per month

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