Forward Controls Design - Stoner 63 Style Keymo / A2 flash hider 5.56 - 6315KM

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Forward Controls Design - Stoner 63 Style Keymo Mount

A2 type flash hider 5.56 / 1/2-28 - 6315KM

Yes, this one is sort of a mouthful.  And why is Charlie's selling yet another flash hider?  Well, probably three reasons.  First, it seems like one can never get enough of Dead Air Keymo style mounts.  Second, this design is a little different and modest and has its roots back a few decades and is a play on Eugene Stoner and his 63 Light Machine Gun, and the flash hider used on that gun.  Third, because there is just something to Forward Controls Design.

Forward Controls Design, FCD, is an interesting company.  Unlike most brands, you have to look for FCD, and what that design and build has no "splash."  FCD doesn't make the gun, FCD makes small parts of the gun work better.  That is true introvert nerd engineering at its best.  Design is focused on function, and not splash.  There are no big banners about a barrel being smashed in a machine to create a better bore, or a BCG with fancy mythical coatings, or apocalyptic failure proof charging handles or gas blocks.  Just small improvements to better shooting.

Forward Controls Design firmly believes in the elegance of simplicity. Not content to produce purely aesthetic components, they put function before form to create parts and accessories that actually improve the handling and function of your firearms. When you need parts that just work without complication, you need Forward Controls Design.

So, Charlie's brings you the FCD Keymo Mount for 1/2-28 threads.  6315KM is the Dead Air sound suppressor Keymo mount of the FCD 6315 (1/2x28) flash suppressor, compatible with .223 Dead Air sound suppressors with Keymo interface.


  • A2 style combo flash hider and Dead Air Keymo muzzle device.
  • 1/2x28 threaded for 5.56/.223
  • 4130 steel bar stock
  • Properly heat treated
  • Salt bath nitride finish - QPQ
  • Effective flash suppression
  • Effective muzzle rise compensation
  • Compatible with DeadAir KeyMo Suppressors
  • Integrated wire cutting feature
  • Drilled for pinning and welding
  • Length:  2.38"
  • Weight:  4.0 oz
  • Recommend torque limit of 25 ft lbs

The FCD team is a fan of the A2 flash suppressor.  It is inexpensive, and does a decent job of what's asked of it.  The FCD team went through a phase of expensive and fancy brakes and comps, all of them have worked well, but we know they're not practical for defense/duty ARs.  The flash, noise and concussion they produce are the result and byproduct of reducing the felt recoil (brakes) and keeping the muzzle down (comps).

Threaded for 1/2x28, precision machined from solid 4130 steel bar stock, heat treated and QPQ coated, it is probably the finest A2 style comp/flash suppressor ever produced.  Its 3 and 9 o'clock ports are 25% smaller (shorter and narrower) than the other three upward facing ports, so more gas is vented through the upward facing ports, it is a superior compensator to the A2, its flash suppression is equal to that of an A2.  6315KM is compatible with Dead Air 5.56mm sound suppressors.  

Effective flash suppression, reduced muzzle rise, an integrated wire cutter feature, and a slick, no frills design come together in the 6315. The machining on the 6315 as an effective flash hider provides a noticeable improvement on the traditional A2 flash hider in both flash suppression and muzzle rise compensation, without increasing muzzle blast. A slick nitride finish protects it from corrosion to give you a long-lasting and durable option for your rifle.  It provides 15 to 20% better muzzle rise compensation than the A2, and what is impressive is that it does so without sacrificing its flash suppression capabilities, or creating more noise and concussion.

The effective design of the 6315 draws inspiration from the muzzle device found on Stoner 63 -itself an improvement on the A2 flash hider - but modernized and tweaked for superior performance. By shortening and narrowing the side ports, muzzle rise reduction has improved and the increased real estate at the muzzle end has allowed the inclusion of wire cutter notches at 3 and 9 o'clock positions. The impressive suppression capabilities combined with the lightweight and small design are proof that larger muzzle devices aren't necessarily better. Simple, clean, and effective, the 6315 is an excellent option for your next AR-15 build.