A2 Extended Flash Hider


A2 Extended Flash Hider

This Extended Flash Hider is based on the original M16A2 design (solid bottom to prevent dust from kicking up). The difference is in the length.  This is a first class manufactured in USA A2 extended flash hider, to use to pin to a 14.5" barrel to make it street legal, with an overall barrel length over 16, " when attached, pinned and welded.  Contains a open pin slot on the under-side. Crush washer included.

NOTE: The flash hider must be permanently attached. This flash hider is pre-drilled with a 3/32 hole for a pin, weld, etc.

1/2" - 28 threading for most AR15 / .223 / 5.56mm rifles.


Note:  This item requires installation by a qualified gunsmith, if you are intending to use a permanently attached muzzle device.