FN Mk18 Mod 0 complete lower receiver

limited edition, expect several weeks for shipping, FFL required
FN Mk18 Mod 0 complete lower receiver

Expected release date is Feb 14th 2020

FN Mk18 Mod 0 complete lower receiver

limited production FN15 complete lower receiver with Mk18 Crane logo

this is a high quality FN lower receiver with custom Mk18 Crane logo.  FN, Colt and LMT make rifles for the US Military.  This is a customized FN lower -- not a production FN15 -- with Mk18 Mod 0 Crane logo engraved for your Mk18 build.  All Factory FN lower, with customized engraving added on the left magwell.

Charlie's has researched the original Mk18 Mod0 Crane issued rifles, and has worked to find the period correct logo, and commissioned the engraving on this high quality lower receiver.

The lower receiver is a "take-off" from a full FN rifle, so not eligible for a pistol build.