Colt M16A4 Semi-Automatic Rifle - Clone Correct option of the AR14-A4

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M16A4 Colt semi-auto clone rifle


Colt factory rifle with Charlie's mods - AR15A4

Step into the rich history of combat weapons with a classic M16A4 clone rifle.  Whaaat?  Okay, tell me I am wrong.  Charlie's has taken the Colt AR15A4 and added hardware to give this rifle authenticity.  This is the M16A4 in a semi-auto version.  Colt reintroduced after a lengthy hiatus, this authentic, semi-automatic Colt AR15-A4, and Charlie's has added the classic M5 RAS quad rail, originally produced by Knights Armament, as well as an authentic UID label to give you the look and feel of the M16A4.  This rifle offers a rare chance for firearm enthusiasts and collectors to experience military firearms history, while also delivering the robust reliability expected of modern sporting rifles. Engineered with a 20" 1:7 Twist Government Profile Chrome Lined Barrel and an A2 Fixed Buttstock, this rifle provides an unmatched combination of precision, control, and durability.

The look and feel of an actual M16A4, and it is Colt.  From the 20" "C" marked barrel, to the bolt on carry handle, Colt ambi safety and A2 buttstock, all straight from the factory.  Now, enter the ingenuity of the bros at Charlie's Custom Clones, who have attached a milspec M4 quad rail RAS, and what is not to get whoop-diddy-do excited over?  Pure dope.  Bad to the bone.

This semi-automatic clone boasts all the hallmarks of a genuine M16A4. Colt, known for its uncompromising commitment to quality, stands behind the core components of this firearm - a 20" 'C' marked barrel, bolt on carry handle, Colt ambi safety, and an A2 buttstock - all straight from the factory. Added to this are the enhancements from Charlie's Custom Clones, featuring a milspec M4 quad rail RAS. It's a faithful recreation that's bound to stimulate excitement among purists and enthusiasts alike. Oh, we forgot to mention, custom UID sticker on the left magwell from Carolina Laser, with serial number and model for this rifle.


  • Colt Factory manufactured
  • Customized by Charlie's
  • Colt factory re-Issue of the Iconic Colt AR15
  • milspec M5 aluminum quad rail RAS from Prudent American (P&S Products)
  • Colt 20" 1:7 twist barrel, marked C MP 5.56 NATO
  • Colt authentic 30 round magazine
  • Colt "AR15 A4" marked lower receiver
  • Colt Ambitious Safety
  • Colt M4 style flat top receiver with screw-on carry handle
  • Colt AR15 insulated polymer hand guards
  • 0.75" F-height A-frame front sight post
  • Military UID tag

There's much more to the Colt M16A4 Clone Rifle than mere looks. Its construction is unparalleled, boasting an 'AR15 A4' marked lower receiver and an ambitious safety feature. The Colt M4 style flat top receiver, equipped with a detachable carry handle, offers versatile operation and optimal convenience. Furthermore, the insulated polymer hand guards are designed for prolonged use, while the 0.75" F-height A-frame front sight post ensures superior accuracy. The result? A civilian legal, semi-automatic rifle that embodies the pedigree of its military equivalent while offering performance features suited to civilian use.

The M16A4 5.56mm Rifle provides Soldiers with the ability to deter and, if necessary, repel adversaries by enabling individuals and small units to engage targets with accurate, lethal, direct fire. It is a gas-operated, air-cooled, shoulder-fired weapon that can be fired either in automatic three-round bursts or semi-automatic single shots. The M16A4 includes a MIL-STD 1913 upper receiver and forward rail system with a backup iron sight. The system can accommodate modern optics, accessories and can incorporate both the M203 and M320 40mm Grenade Launchers.

Superior Barrel Construction for Remarkable Accuracy

The Colt AR15-A4 showcases the best in firearm craftsmanship with its 20" 1:7 Twist Government Profile Chrome Lined Barrel. This distinctive barrel construction, marked with the signature Colt “C MP 5.56 NATO,” significantly enhances the rifle's accuracy and durability. Delivering steady shot performance, the barrel showcases Colt’s dedication to innovative engineering and unrivaled construction quality.

Built for Convenience: Detachable Carry Handle & Polymer Hand Guards

Elevate your experience with the unique combination of comfort and convenience offered by the Colt AR15-A4 Rifle. It features a Colt M4 style flat top receiver that comes with a detachable carry handle. This versatile design provides ease of operation and swift adaptability. Also, the AR15 insulated polymer hand guards are designed to ensure comfortable and secure handling for extended periods, providing the perfect blend of comfort and durability.

Collector’s Choice: A Coveted Addition to Any Collection

Whether you're a Colt enthusiast or a dedicated military clone rifle shooter, the Colt AR15-A4 is an indispensable addition to any collection. Brought back for the discerning collector, the Colt AR15-A4 mirrors the functionality of the revered M16A4 but operates in semi-automatic mode. Own a piece of firearm history and appreciate the evolution of firearm technology through this timeless classic.

If you appreciate the marriage of history, military-grade precision, and civilian practicality, the Colt M16A4 Clone Rifle, modified by Charlie's Custom Clones, offers a compelling proposition. Experience the tactile feedback of the storied M16A4, now in a civilian-friendly format. Don't just settle for any AR15 - invest in a Colt M16A4 Clone Rifle and feel the tangible connection to the rich history of firearm technology.

Note:  Your choice of classic gray or new production black A2 buttstock.  Colt has distributed both the black polymer A2 buttstock, and the softer velvety gray.  Your choice.


  • Caliber: 5.56/.223
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Capacity: 30+1, Colt aluminum magazine included
  • Finish: Matte Black Type 3 Hard Coated Anodizing, mil spec
  • Prudent American M4 quad RAS with PAT ribbed panels (same as Knights Armament)
  • Sights: front:  A-frame A2 "F" height (not marked) rear:  A2 fixed sight in carry handle
  • Barrel: 20" 1:7 Chrome-Moly-Vanadium 4150 steel with chrome lining
  • Features: Colt Removable Carry Handle
  • Colt Ambi Safety
  • A2 flash hider
  • Upper Receiver:  Colt Factory 7075 forged Aluminum (Colt sources various forging companies, so either square or keyhole), may have CAGE Code markings (Colt is changing that every so often)
  • Lower Receiver:  7075 forged Aluminum CAR serial number with AR-15A4 marking
  • Barrel:  20" Colt Phosphated Chrome Moly barrel with Colt "C" stamped 5.56 NATO 1:7 twist Magnetic Particle Inspected, high pressure tested
  • Length: 39.6 inches
  • Range: 550 meters (point target); 800 meters (area)
  • Military UID sticker on the right magwell specific to the serial number of each rifle, contracted by Charlie's from Carolina Laser
  • Cannot ship to California


Q: What's the caliber of this rifle?
A: The Colt AR15-A4 Rifle uses a 5.56/.223 caliber.

Q: Is the carry handle detachable?
A: Yes, it comes with a detachable carry handle for versatility and convenience.

Q: What is the capacity of the magazine?
A: The rifle has a 30+1 capacity, and it comes with a Magpul P-Mag.

Q: How do I get this to ship to my local dealer?
A: Easy-Peasey !!  First make sure the rifle is legal to own where you live, then make your purchase, and ask your dealer to email his license to us.  We have complete information here:  how to buy a firearm at Charlie's.

Manufacturer's Model Number:  AR15A4 with Charlie's mods

See 2021 production AR15 CR6700 for another version of the AR15 produced in 2021.

While you are at it, you probably need some 20-round Okay mags

Or, maybe that ACOG, made just for the M16A4

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