Colt Ambidextrous safety selector - Genuine Colt parts

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Colt Ambidextrous safety selector - Genuine Colt parts

Genuine Colt Ambidextrous safety selector

100% the real deal, Colt factory SEMI-AUTO ambi safety selector, with short right side lever.

Also, this selector is reversible, allowing you to have the large lever on the right or the left. THIS IS THE ONLY AMBI that works this way (at least that I am aware of).

Colt AR-15/M16 Ambidextrous Safety Selector Lever, Semi Auto. This is a factory original Colt part. Colt has been known throughout history for producing the highest quality parts and firearms. And Colt offers the best in traditional and new manufacturing techniques, to bring the customer the best possible parts and accessories.

No BS. Simple part, buy it today. The real deal. Nothing but the best.

This is a genuine Colt part.  The part goes number SP401017, and Charlie's purchases this part from Colt and its distributors both as one part, and as three separate parts, and packages them together.  Our sourcing decisions are based like any other business, on timing, availability, predictability of supply and pricing.  Whether we purchase as one part or three, the item is exactly the same and 100% Colt parts.  Colt does contract out much of their manufacturing, and various parts are manufactured by other companies, for Colt, and then Colt assembles and resells much like any other large manufacturer.  We, however, are sourcing directly from Colt and their distributors.

This part is typically identified by the trademark "S" on the long left hand side, the left-hand level traversing to the middle of the axle and pointer, a delicate 7/64's hex screw with a partial groove in the screw and some light colored thread coating, and the Colt CAGE code on the short lever.

a note on small parts at Charlie's

Charlie's uses this part in our carbine and upper assembly, and as such, this is a manufacturing part for us.  When we have enough inventory, we also make this available for sale. As is the case with many of our manufacturing parts, we must have these parts in-stock, and try to never run out.  With KAC and Colt that is hard, as the supply chain sometimes has parts and sometimes does not. 

If you are shopping for parts, it is very likely that you will find one of two things, and this is true for this genuine Colt part:  a)  another online retailer has this part for a lower price, and/or b)  every other online retailer is out of stock.  In trying to make sure we always have stock, it is possible that our price is a little higher for small parts.  We understand that, but we also want to have the item in-stock.  Make sense?  You decide.  Our business model is to build and to buy the best assembled tactical products, and along the way also bring you great parts.  Please judge us on the whole.