Colt Range Safety Chamber Pew Pew Flag

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Custom Made Rifle Range Safety Flag

Remove before Pew-Pew...

Want to be the talk of the range?  LOL.  We took a Colt factory safety flag and had a US Manufacturer custom make a nice "REMOVE BEFORE PEW-PEW" double-sided embroidered flag. The Colt range safety flag is removed from a new Colt rifle, so you might see a little grease, but has not been used. The bore diameter is small enough for a .22 caliber, but heavy enough for .308 or .300 WM gas or bolt gun.  Made of quality fabric, which will last years.  The ring is a heavy keychain 3-ring construction, not a cheap car shop attachment.  This is quality and fun.  

This is a Charlie's exclusive at an affordable price.