AR15 Ambidextrous safety selector from Schmid Tool

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Schmid Tool Ambidextrous safety selector 

Schmid is a major manufacturer of AR15, M4 and M16 parts

Charlie's brings you a solid quality ambi saftey selection at a reasonable price.  Schmid is an orginal equipment manufacturer for many of the major names in the firearms business.  Other name brands have Schmid make their product, and then they sell it as their own.  We are cutting out the brand name and bringing you a solid quality part.  Very similar to the Colt ambi safety, but the legs are both the same size.  Similar hex bolt to Colt, FN and other rifle companies.

No BS. Simple part, buy it today. 

Charlie's had make a purchase from a distributor of ambi safeties that were labeled Colt, SP400831, but upon inspection, we found that the safties were not Colt.  Sometimes it is just too much hassle to return, so we are making them available to you at a fraction of the price of Colt.

You will notice the "S" marking on the lever, for Schmid Tool.  Unlike the Colt ambi safety, this generic AR15 ambi safety from Schmid cannot be reversed.  The Colt saftey has the ability to be put in from the left or the right side.  This safety will go in one way.  But, the constructions is as durable as any name brand, made by the same contractor.

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