AR15 Front Receiver Pivot Pin Tool from VISM

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AR15 Front Receiver Pivot Pin Tool from VISM

Install and remove the front pivot pin, while keeping the dentent in place

So, what happens when you try to install the front pivot pin?  Well, there is a small detent that you have to wiggle away with a knife or sharp punch.  No more.  This simple plastic with steel pin set of tools keep the detent in place when you install or remove the front pivot pin, often when stripping your lower receiver or install your first lower parts kit.


This is a new tool from VISM, and while also part of our Value Collection, this is a no nonsense tool.  One thing we like in the shop is simple, and good.  

Charlie's Value Collection is curated to provide you some excellent products, that are priced less than other brands.  Charlie's products tend to be the best of the best, but when we find products, like this one, which work great, and are priced below other brands, we pick and choose a few.  This item, like a few others in our Value Collection, are made in China, which is unusual for Charlie's made in USA heritage.


  • The Right Tools for the Job
  • Takes the pain out of replacing your (front) pivot pin in the lower receiver
  • No more worries about missing detents or springs that go flying
  • three piece set
  • guide plate jig tool (yellow)
  • receiver pin spring and detent tool (blue)
  • detent push pin tool (green)
  • Designed in the USA

Manufactured by VISM, a division of NcStar.  Made in China