Colt 11.5" Monolithic Upper Receiver Assembly LE6943

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Colt 11.5" LE6943 Monolithic Upper Receiver Assembly

law enforcement / SWAT upper

The Colt LE6943CK Monolithic Upper Assembly feature's Colt's law enforcement fully unitized URG.  In addition to an uninterrupted full-length front rail, this upper receiver allows for a free-floated barrel. This LE6943CK Monolithic Upper Assembly also features a gas-block mounted front flip-up sight with bayonet lug and a flip-up rear sight. The barrel is Colt's standard 11.5" chrome lined M4 barrel with an A2 flash hider up front.


  • 11.5-Inch 1/7 twist Mil-Spec chrome lined MP tested barrel
  • Unique direct gas operating system eliminates the conventional operating rod and results in fewer and lighter components
  • Quad rail design accepts Knights Armament rail covers, as well as Tango Down, Daniel Defense and LMT which are optional and can be ordered here
  • Flat top receiver allows for removable carrying handle and easy mounting of accessories
  • Target style rear sight features dual apertures (0-200m, 300-600m) and adjusts for both windage and elevation
  • High strength materials for greater comfort and effectiveness
  • Caliber - 5.56mm
  • Gas Direct system, Locking bolt
  • Front Sight - Adjustable front
  • Rear Sight - Magpul rear sight (pictures might show different sight)
  • Flash Hider


  • Colt LE6943CK Monolithic Complete Upper Assembly
  • Complete M4 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Assembly
  • Charging Handle
  • Backup rear sight
  • Folding Front Sight
  • no factory box included

Note:  The Colt LE6940 family of uppers are proprietary designed, with few user serviceable parts.  Specific tools are required to remove the barrel nut and barrel.  The gas system is unique and not designed to be replaced with mil-spec parts. 

Charlie's provides new upper receivers, which have been test fired by Colt.  Most upper receivers are take-offs from out of the box rifles.  Others are purchased as upper receiver assemblies.  Both are 100% identical.  We do not ship in Colt factory box.

NFA Advisory:  You are responsible to understanding if you can own this upper, and if you can install in to make a legal pistol.  If installed as a rifle, you will need to comply with the Short Barrel Rifle requirements of the National Firearms Act, which includes registration and the payment of an NFA tax.  In some cases, you might be deemed to have an SBR if you have a rifle lower and short barrel upper in close proximity.