Cadex Bolt Knob for CDX-30 Actions

$45.00 - $60.00
ordered from factory, expect 7 weeks +/-

Cadex Bolt Knob for CDX-30 Actions 

Original Cadex Defense factory part

Cadex bolt knobs come in two varieties for the mainline Cadex rifle action, the CDX-30.  The CDX-30 is the heavy duty action for .30 cal series of bolts found on the Lite Strike and Dual Strike chassis and CDX30 riles in calibers ranging from .308 Winchester to 6.5 Creedmoor to long action rounds like .300 Norma and .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua, etc.

Original Cadex actions and rifles with the CDX30 action come with a choice of a standard round knob and an optional oversized cross-hatched tactical knob.  Perhaps you feel like changing out what came with your original Cadex equipment.  Here, you can choose between two patterns and four colors.

Cadex bolt knobs cadex-colors.jpg


This is a factory ordered part, and not locally stocked, so anticipate 4 to 6 weeks for shipping.  Bolt knobs are kept in supply at the factory, and typically the finish is Cerakoted in batch every 2 to 3 weeks, then we add some shipping time from Canada and clearing Customs, etc.