Burris XTR-ii 1.5-8x 28mm Ballistic 5.56 reticle

Burris XTR-ii 1.5-8x 28mm Ballistic 5.56 reticle

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For sale: top of the line Burris riflescope: XTR II™ Riflescope 1.5-8x28mm with 5.56 ballistic reticle. Model 201010

This is a dual focal plane, or DFP with FFP

I bought a few of these for friends, and have a couple of left-overs, so I decided to buy some more and share.  Like its little sister, the 1-5x, This is a grown-up's toy, indeed.

This is a great scope, and at a great price. Full 34mm tube and large 28mm optic. Illuminated dual focal plane means the “red dot” illuminated center stays in the rear plane and does not change size, allowing for optimal target acquisition, while the ballistic reticle itself is FFP, allowing for better ranging and all the other benefits of a front focal plane scope. Highest clarity from Burris.

We don't sell junk. The XTR-ii line is the only Burris I sell, and it is great glass, hardy, and easy to use.

Put your friends to shame, and just do not tell them what you paid.  Our little secret.  They will think you paid twice as much. This is a real scope, not a Chinese toy.



from Burris:

This is serious, state-of-the-art technology for competitive shooters and tactical operators.

The XTR II 1.5-8x28 mm riflescope features a 5-times zoom system and 25% thicker tube construction than the original XTR™ Riflescope.

The dual focal plane reticle design unique to this model allows crosshairs to change size with magnification, while the size of the illuminated center remains constant. Mil measurements and trajectory lines are accurate at any power. The design allows for fast, easy transitions between short- and mid-distance shooting.

The riflescope has dimensionally-matched precision adjustment knobs and Zero Click Stop technology.

High-performance optics offer Hi-Lume® multi-coated lenses. The lenses optimize target resolution, contrast, and low-light performance.

All hand-fitted internal assemblies are triple spring-tensioned for absolute shockproofing, even under severe recoil. They are vibration resistant, even on extended vehicular patrols.

The riflescope outdelivers its modest price tag. And it’s protected forever by the Burris Forever Warranty™ .