Athlon Midas BTR Gen2 1-6x24mm F2 Riflescope with ATSR4 MOA ret.

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Athlon Midas BTR Gen2 1-6x24mm Second Focal Plane Riflescope

with ATSR4 Illuminated MOA reticle

Great for 3-gun competition and fast target acquisition with in-reticle BDC alignment for popular 5.56 NATO heavy rounds.  Looking for a great LPVO without breaking the bank.  Consider the Midas.  Athlon is known for providing great value and high quality optics.


With hold over points for both bullet drop and wind compensation, using a Nato 5.56/.223 caliber rifle (68 grain hornady and 69 grain sierra cartridges). The low profile capped turrets will ensure you stay zeroed.  The 1.4 moa center red dot is perfect for zeroing your rifle at 200 yards. You can use the dots below the center red dot for targets at 300, 400, 500, and 600 yards. The unique design of the small size dots eliminate target obstruction on 12~18 inch targets beyond 200 yards and allow the shooter to take a quick shot. The dots on the left and right off the center line are the hold over points for 5 mph and 10 mph wind.


This Midas BTR GEN2 1-6×24 model has ATSR4 second focal plane illuminated MOA reticle in it.