AR15 mil-spec 6-postion carbine buffer extension tube High Quality

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Mil-Spec 6-postion buffer extension tube - High Quality

This mil spec buffer tube is made from forged aluminum and hard coat anodized, and has a hard coat texture to it

This buffer tube is made by a major quality AR parts manufacturer, and is sold unbranded, and thus our customers are Charlie's Custom Clones reap the benefit.  This is a high quality part, with a slick hard surface, which is the result of hard coat anodizing and then polishing.  The slick surface is nice as movement between stops in the s positions is that much smoother.  Cheap tubes show signs of extrusion or welding at the end of the tube, or have odd shapes in thread pattern.  The quality can be seen and felt with this tube.  Charlie's takes pride in bringing you this high-quality part at a very affordable price point.

This is mil-spec, so make sure your stock is mil-spec for best fit.