Gun Magazines

Charlie’s Custom Cones brings you quality in whatever you buy. There are gun mag superstores out there. That is not us. We try to bring you the magazines that are worth looking at, and at a variety of budgets. At CCC, you will find clone correct Colt and FN magazines, and USGI military issue. We carry authentic factory pistol magazines from FN and Sig Sauer and rifle mags from Daniel Defense, Colt, FN, LMT, Cadex, Troy and AI, as well as great brands that provide after market magazines and clips: metal mags from C Products, CPD, Okay Industries and AICS pattern mags from Accurate MAG. We also feature great polymer rifle and pistol magazines from Hexmag, Magpul PMAG and Amend2.

All of the magazines we sell are quality authentic factory mags. Most we purchase new from the manufacture. Some come in retail packaging, some we buy in bulk and package for you in plastic. Some are “take-offs” from new rifles and pistols, but every magazine we sell is authentic factory made. The Clone in Charlie’s Custom Clones refers to the perfectionists who are our military correct clone builders, and not faux or fake.

We are not a magazine super store. We carry what we would use in our own firearms. We have curated, or short-listed what matters. We add to our list from time to time, but we do not want to overwhelm you with too many choices. Keep it simple. Make sure it works. Make sure you are a happy customer. Some items, will come in vintages like an old wine, and others are just basic, ‘get the job done’ mags that work. We try to offer a variety and cater to every budget, but always bring you quality.