YHM Universal Direct Thread Suppressor Adapters for HUB/Bravo /1.375X24 Silencers

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Universal Direct Thread Suppressor Adapter for Threaded Barrels

From Yankee Hill Machine, will fit any suppressor with Bravo/ASR internal threads (HUB).

You can count on YHM to provide a solid solution to common problem at a reasonable price.

Many suppressor manufacturers have adopted the "HUB" 1-3/8X24 internal threading, and this mount will allow you to insert the mount into the threads of the suppressor and then onto your barrel. The Universal thread pattern has been adopted by Dead Air, Silencerco, Energetic Armament, Rex Selenium, Diligent Defense, Rugged, HUXWRX, and a number of suppressor manufacturers. This quasi-industrty standard has undergone a series of names. The Form 1 crowd calls this a 1.375X24 adapter. Silencerco fanbois call it an ASR or Bravo adapter. Dead Air started calling it a "HUB" and somewhere in between - probably Charlie's - called it a universal adapter. Which is what it is.

The fact is that now, many manufacturers make this same simple interchangeable device that works on several dozen suppressor models and countless standard thread options. YHM is a name synonymous with value and quality, so you cannot go wrong.

NOTE: YHM has produced two series of this adapter. Some will have a 9mm bore and some have a .45 bore. Make sure you select the correct one for your application.

Specifications and Features:

  • 17-4PH Heat Treated Material
  • Melonite QPQ Finish
  • Weight: 1.7 oz
  • 1.375X24 Mount Thread Pitch
  • Available in several thread pitches

YHM developed this Universal Rifle Suppressor Mount to convert existing suppressors from other manufacturers to utilize your barrel threading as a direct mounting system. Due to its simplistic design, there is virtually no way to incorrectly install the suppressor and risk the chance of it coming loose, yet it provides easy removal.

To install, simply remove your existing mount mechanism from your suppressor and thread on our Universal Rifle Suppressor Mount using a 3/4" open end wrench. Then simply thread the now two-piece suppressor onto your barrel.

For an interesting read on the history, see the review of the Hub / Bravo / Universal Suppressor from TFB.