Sig Sauer Alpha 3 Scope Mount - Black 0 MOA in 30mm and 34mm

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Sig Sauer Alpha 3 Scope Mount - 1.535", 0 MOA, choice of 30mm and 34mm

Aluminum and Titanium - Sig's Top of the Line Mount - Perfect for AR platform - for the tactical and precision shooter

Sig Sauer has become a name in the optics business in the last few years, and now has a robust set of scope mounts.  The Alpha 3, made from aluminum billet with titanium hardware provides a solid mount at an affordable price.  The 1.535" height is perfect for AR rifles, to give just enough height for a good view without smashing your cheek to the stock, and also high enough to support the large 56mm objective lens long range scopes.  We don't want to claim one size fits all with rifle scopes, but the combination of precision aluminum mount, a slight cant forward, high rings for point and shoot with an LPVO and also high enough for longer range scopes, like a 5-25x scope, make this mount worth considering.


  • built for the AR platform
  • made from single billet of 7075 aluminum with titanium cross bolt hardware to save on weight
  • 0 MOA cant / bias
  • Black anodized

Manufacturer's Part Numbers:

  • 30mm:  SOA30003
  • 34mm:  SOA30005