Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24 PM-II ShortDot Dual CC riflescope, CQBR ret.

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Schmidt & Bender 1-8x24 PM-II ShortDot Dual CC riflescope, CQBR ret. Illum. Black

dual focal plane, true 1x scope from S&B:  ST / LT / CCW


The 1-8x24 ShortDot from Schmidt & Bender is a feature rich riflescope line. The patented CC mode integrates a true red dot sight. At 1.1x, turn to CC and the system becomes parallax free with 1x magnification for distances between 7 and 10 meters. With 8 different illumination increments, low-light shooting is a problem of the past. Schmidt & Bender is a name you can trust to deliver quality and reliable scopes.

The 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC features a red dot in the 2nd focal plane, and an illuminable reticle at the 1st focal plane. This combines the advantage of both a reflex sight and a riflescope, which is an ideal solution for mobile use in urban terrain from short to medium distances. 


The riflescope has a true 1 time magnification and is parallax free to 7m. By increasing the magnification above the CC Mode the riflescope is parallax free to 100m. Since the FlashDot is located in the 2nd focal plane the size of the dot stays constant. Hereby three different illumination increments are eligible. At higher magnifications the Mildot reticle in the 1st focal plane can be used. Thus a opportunity for a direct measurement of target and object sizes is enabled. With a maximum magnification of 8 the 1-8x24 PM II ShortDot Dual CC is also an ideal riflescope for identification purposes and operations up to medium distances. Hereby the illumination of the reticle can be regulated in 8 different increments, whereof three are optimized for the usage with a night vision. 

Available in Black with a the mil reticle with a red dot in the center.  The reticle is the CQB2


  • 1cm milRAD click
  • Counter Clockwise Turret Rotation (CCW)
  • Single Turn (ST)
  • 30 mm tube
  • Illuminated Reticle
  • Dual Focal Planes.  Reticle in Second Focal Plane, and red dot in First Focal Plane
  • Manufacturer's Part Number:  682-811-918-B6-B2


  • Field of View: 35.3 - 4.9
  • Exit Pupil: 9.6 - 3 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.54 in
  • Length: 11.54 in
  • Weight:  22.3 oz
  • Tube Size:  30 mm
  • Objective Diameter:  24mm
  • Locking Turret
  • Parallax:  7m CC / 100m fixed
  • Dual Focal Plane
  • Illuminated Reticle and Red Dot
  • Transmission: 90%
  • Magnification 1-8x
  • Single Turn Turrets
  • Mil Dot 1cm
  • CCW - Counter Clockwise rotation elevation turret
  • Cleaning kit NOT INCLUDED