SB Tactical MP5K style Pistol Stabilizing Folding Brace SBT5KA

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SB Tactical MP5K style Pistol Folding Brace SBT5KA

Stability Meets Versatility

The SB Tactical Folding MP5K Style Brace offers enhanced stability and improved aesthetics for firearms in the HK MP5K/SP89 and SP5K series, as well as compatible clones. This brace is inspired by the Brugger and Thomet design—renowned for precision and functionality.

Owners of the HK MP5K clone pistols face challenges in improving stability and accuracy due to the compact design of their weapons.  They want to keep the weapon as a pistol, but also look the part of the SBR stock, and stay legal. The SB Tactical SBT5KA Brace provides a practical solution by offering a robust, side-folding mechanism that enhances control without compromising the firearm's compact dimensions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Side-Folding Mechanism: Allows for easier transportation and versatility in usage scenarios.
  • Complete Assembly: Ready-to-install design simplifies the upgrade process.
  • Machined 6061 Hard-Coat Anodized Endplate: Incorporates a QD socket for sling attachment, ensuring durability and convenience.
  • Adjustable Nylon Strap: Offers additional stabilization and adaptability for various arm sizes.
  • Compatibility: Designed to fit 2-pin "K" models, accommodating a broad range of MP5K derivatives.
  • Made in the USA: The brace is designed by US veterans, ensuring quality and reliability.

The SBT folding brace is a premium accessory tailored to address the demands of shooters looking for an enhanced pistol shooting experience. It features an integral, machined side-folding mechanism that is constructed from 6061 T6 aluminum, known for its strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to corrosion, thanks to the hardcoat anodized finish. This design innovation not only improves the weapon's aesthetics but also its functionality, allowing shooters to maintain a compact profile while enhancing accuracy and control.

For optimal fit, the brace is created with a focus on compatibility with 2-pin "K" models, such as the HK MP5K, SP89, SP5K, and various 9mm clones. Due to potential variations in manufacturing tolerances among roller lock firearms, some users may require gunsmith installation or fitting, ensuring a secure and customized addition to their firearm system.

This product is more than just a brace; it represents SB Tactical's commitment to providing innovative solutions for firearm enthusiasts who value efficiency, design, and tactical proficiency. The inclusion of a QD socket in the endplate is further evidence of this commitment, offering easy sling attachment and enhancing the overall functionality of the firearm.

The SBT5KA embodies precision with its double push-pin design, ensuring secure and straightforward installation for firearms with the correct configuration. The ready-to-install nature of the brace makes it a turnkey enhancement that uplifts the functionality and appearance of compatible weapons systems without extensive modifications.



  • FIT:HK MP5K/SP89 Clones, SP5K
  • WIDTH [MAX]:1.25"
  • LENGTH:10.5"
  • STRAP WIDTH:1.0"
  • WEIGHT:15.75 oz
  • COLOR:Black