Rugged Universal Mount Titanium HUB Dual Taper Adapter R.U.M.

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Rugged R.U.M. Titanium HUB Dual Taper Adapter

1.375" x 24 compatible Rugged Universal Mount

Rugged Suppressors has one of the most well engineered QD mount systems on the market. Until now it has only been available on Rugged's own silencers. Using the R.U.M., silencers owners with 1 3/8x24 HUB compatible silencers can take advantage of Rugged Dual Taper adapters. At only 2.4 ounces, it's titanium construction is also lighter than many competing systems. An installation tool is included.

What does this mean in real life terms?  Bottom line:  If you have or like the muzzle devices from Rugged, you can now deploy those with this adapter inserted inside your favorite suppressor, which uses the industry standard HUB threads.  This is a HUB adapter for Rugged flash hiders.  BAM !

Dual Taper Locking System Benefits: