Geissele Gas Block Roll Pin Tool


Brand: Geissele
Product Type: Tools

Product Description

Geissele Gas Block Roll Pin Tool

This tool is designed to securely hold a standard AR15 barrel gas tube (0.078” diameter) roll pin to start the pin installation in a gas block.

Leave to the amazing armorers at Geissele to find the answer to problems all of us have in installing gas tube pins, and then to make it available commercially.  Charlie's looks hard at every tool to offer to our customers, and most anything Bill Geissele and his team touch and then manufacture is solid.

The hole in the tip of the Gas Block Roll Pin Tool is sized so that the roll pin will need to be pressed into the tool first (the roll pin will not just slide in). Stand the roll pin on a hard surface and tap the tool onto the pin to seat it in the tool. When the hole in the gas block grabs the roll pin, the pin will collapse enough so the tool can be removed from the roll pin. Afterwards, all that is needed is a tap with a punch to seat the roll pin in the gas block.