Black Hills Ammo: .308 Win Match 168 gr Hollow Point


Product Type: Ammunition

Product Description

  Black Hills Ammunition .308 cal Winchester Match Hollow Point 168 gr.

Box of 20 cartridges

At Charlie's, we don't sell a large variety of ammo.  We sell Black Hills and we sell some military surplus.

Black Hills makes alot of the ammo that our military uses.  It is quality ammo.  It does not fail.  These guys are meticulous at what they do.

Black Hills Ammunition and the .308 Match is 168 grain Sierra MatchKing

for improved downrange performance, accuracy, and lethality, right here at Charlie's.

  • 168 gr match hollow point
  • Velocity: 2650 FPS
  • Energy: 2619 Ft. Lbs.


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    All sales of ammo at Charlie's require proof of age.  We only sell to age 21+