Black Hills Ammo: .300 Win Mag Match 190 gr Hollow Point

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Black Hills Ammo:  .300 Win Mag Match 190 gr Hollow Point

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  Black Hills Ammunition .300 Winchester Magnum Match Hollow Point 

Box of 20 cartridges

At Charlie's, we don't sell a large variety of ammo.  We sell Black Hills and we sell some military surplus.

Black Hills makes alot of the ammo that our military uses.  It is quality ammo.  It does not fail.  These guys are meticulous at what they do.

Black Hills Ammunition and the .300 Win Mag Match is very similar to military grade M248 Mod0. Civilian shooters can buy that exact same round—it just comes in a much prettier box—for improved downrange performance, accuracy, and lethality, right here at Charlie's.

The 190gr Win Mag was used by US Military snipers, designated the Mk 248 Mod0 and produced by Federal at Lake City.  Later, Black Hills made a larger round, the 220 gr Mk 248 Mod1.  This is considered outside SAMMI limits, and while we get some in-house at Charlie's from time to time, it should only be used in the Mk13 sniper rifle.  For other .300 Win Mag sniper and long-range rifles, the 190 grain is what you want.


  • 175 gr match hollow poing
  • Velocity: 2950 FPS
  • Energy: 3671 Ft. Lbs.


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