Otter Creek SPR muzzle brake for OCM5 and AEM5 suppressors

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Otter Creek "Ops Inc. #12" Brake

This is a brake for used with Otter Creek / Allen Engineering Suppressor that is direct threaded, like the Mk12 AEM-5 and OCM-5

Allen Engineering has had a great brake for the Ops Inc #12 style suppressor for decades.  Now, in 2022, Otter Creek Labs, from Kentucky, has developed a similar brake to the Allen brake, but made from on piece of steel, using modern CNC machining, Otter Creek has removed the need to weld two parts together.  While the Allen brake uses a black oxide finish, and has a two-tone dull color and  made from 314 stainless, the Otter Creek brake is pretty much the same profile, but with a pin hole for those who wish to pin and weld to a shorter barrel, like a 14.5" to make a street legal 16" barrel.  Otter Creek also has chosen a different stainless, 17-4, heat treated and nitride salt bath coated.  The 17-4 heat treated stainless has become more common in the suppressor industry.


  • Material:  H900 hardened 17-4 stainless 
  • finish:  QPQ nitride finished
  • thread:  1/2" - 28 (for 5.56mm rifles)
  • external threads:  fit AEM5 and OCM5 suppressor internal threads
  • other hardware:  non-included, but required is an Ops Inc style collar for the barrel, exactly measured and placed to secure the suppressor.  Also, an Ops Inc style thread protector is recommended.