Mk12 Mod 1 Military Correct Deployment Kit - Limited Edition

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Mk12 Mod 1 Military Correct Deployment Kit - Limited Edition

Mk12 Mod 1 clone

Charlie's Exclusive Full Deployment Kit Offering

Charlie's Custom Clones is proud to offer our version of the Mk12 Mod 1 in our Limited Edition Clone Correct grade.

If you are looking for the top of the line in Mk12 rifles with the full deployment case, look no further.  Charlie's, working with Potomac Armory and a number of key suppliers pulled out all the stops to bring you a complete Mod 1 rilfe, made by a Crane Armorer, and presented in pretty much the same fashion that a US Navy SEAL or a USMC Scout sniper would have received in 2002 or 2003 in the early Global War on Terror, entering the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters of operation.  This is a new rifle, made with current and vintage materials and accompanied by all the accoutrements that a military sniper would have received, from cleaning kit to the log book for all shots and repairs to the original dope card and manual.  We have spent three years putting this together.  We realize that the price tag is not for everyone, but if you are looking for the best in a Mod 1 rifle, this is it.

The Deployment kit is outfitted with period-correct accessories that have been painstakingly researched.  The foam cutout has been taken from early SPR photos and re-traced to produce the most accurate of foam for a deployment kit.  While the original foam had a tendency to deteriorate over time, Charlie's Custom Clones upgraded the foam to the highest grade polyethylene form fitting 3-D foam for the base and top of the case, as well as the right depths for each part.  This may sound easy, but Charlies has spent hundreds of hours getting the exact design correct, and then upgrading the materials to modern quality foam.

The bore guide was taken from original designs and custom made, and is literally made to spec in aluminum.  The magazines are pre-ban used and worn magazines that would have made their way by Crane into a Deployment kit 20 years ago.  We have included the original military Otis clearning kit with NSN pouch.  The cleaning rod is a Dewey original for the Mk12.  Even the dope card is made by the company that made the original US Navy ballistic solution cards, laminated for this program.  A Blue Force Gear Sling is included, as well as the original DOD user manual and both a US Navy and USMC record book, used to record the use and maintenance of the sniper rifle.

Our Mk12 Mod 1 deployment kit includes:

  • Authentic Mk12 Mod1 rifle
  • Upper Receiver Group assembled by former Crane Armorer
  • Knights Armament Mk12 Rifle Length RAS
  • Douglas 18" barrel - SPR profile barrel in NAVSEA gray
  • Colt "C" marked upper receiver (period correct)
  • US Navy spec Pelican case with pre-cut foam
  • Modern foam with authentic Mod 1 cuts, based upon hours of independent research and collaboration
  • Three 20-Round Colt magazines - period correct used
  • NSN Otis cleaning kit
  • One piece cleaning rod - Dewey
  • Custom made aluminum bore guide
  • USN User Manual
  • Record books - both USN and USMC
  • Ballistic card (Mk12 SPR) made by original publisher specifically for Charlie's (no longer puplished)
  • ARMS Rings
  • Allen Engineering brake and long collar
  • Geissele SSA-E two-stage match trigger
  • Blue Force Gear sling
  • Knights Armament MWS rail sling mount with stud
  • Knights Armament flip-up authentic back up irons

Note:  This is a very limited edition, with less than 30 kits being produced, largely due to very hard to find and expensive parts.  Many of the parts have been aquired over a period of years to bring this very special rifle and deployment kit to market. Charlie's and Potomac Armory are really good at what we do, but we engaged a former NSWC Crane armorer, someone who actually built the Mk12 and Mk13 rifles to assemble and quality check the limited edition series.  Alan Brown worked with Potomac Armory to build the rifle, and with the help of manufacturers like Colt and Douglas Barrels and Nightforce, we are proud to bring you the culmination of many years of research and work.  Many of the parts have been aquired in the past, or procured by special arrangements, with the stipulation from manufacturers that we build full rifles and not sell the parts.  Some have wondered: why now?  We wanted this to be as flawless as possible, and our specs have changed over time.  But, we believe this is the most accurate Mk12 Mod 1 that can be made in commercial quantities (yes, there are probably a few parts that can make this 1% more accurate, but we could not produce 10, 20 or 30).  We thought about serializing them, but backed off that.

We start with an FN M16 marked lower from the FN Military Collector Series. Unique features of this variant include FN's military logo, CAGE code, and UID label. We do have some flexibility to use a different lower, but this is our common denominator. We can work with you on a lower receiver if the FN is not to your liking.  We have other Colt options with similar pricing (some modification). Keeping with tradition, we then equipped it with a fixed A2 stock and pistol grip. A Geissele SSA-E gives the shooter a high quality trigger and substitutes for the fully automatic Geissele SSF fire control group that would have been purchased by SOCOM. An ambidextrous safety is also included on this model.

A Colt "C" stamped upper houses the heart of any Mk12 Mod 1 rifle.  We also will have some Colt raised C uppers, if that is preferred.  The barrel is an 18" stainless steel Douglas SPR contour barrel, featuring a 1:7 twist capable of stabilizing heavy bullets such as the Mk262 Mod 1 77 grain open tip match. The barrel is coated with NAVSEA correct gray color, done in Cerakote.  The barrel has been crafted, chambered and contoured by Compass Lake Engineering, which is go-to barrel smiths for Mk12 barrels, and a set of craftsmen that Charlie's has worked with for seven years, so we know you are getting the best barrel.  There are other barrel smiths we use as well, but nothing says authentic as much as a CLE barrel does. The  correct Allen Engineering hardware is mounted allowing use of the appropriate Ops Inc/Allen Engineering pattern suppressor. For those shooting unsuppressed, the included muzzle brake will help with the muzzle controlled for better follow up shots. The M84 Gasbuster charging handle is also found on our builds offering the same advantages as it gave to military shooters. A rifle length Knights Armament RAS with back up sights finishes the package.  We have decided to use a Blue Force Gear sling, and save the Eagle slings for the Mod 0 rifles, although we can make adjustments if you prefer.  The Eagle sling was as originally issued, but also was most often discarded in favor of Vikings Tactics or BFG slings, which performed better and were the slings of choice by operators twenty years ago.

While several optics were issued during the Mk12 program, the Nightforce NXS was designed for the SPR program. One of the most advanced and durable optics of the period, we have equipped this package with the limited edition compact NXS 2.5-10X24 in ARMS #22 rings. The medium powered optic features a 30mm tube, magnification throw lever, illuminated Mil-R reticle, and an externally adjustable ZeroStop ballistic turret. If interested, we also have an option for the ARMS TRC and TRR to provide a top Picatinny rail mount for a secondary red dot optic.

The military correct Knights Armament RAS rail and rail covers, which are impossible to find are included, along with standard issue Harris Bipod SBRM 6-9" and Knights Armament mount included, as is a side sling swivel, and Knights Armament back-up sights.

The Suppressor Option

The original silencers for the Mk12 program were the Ops Inc. 12th Model suppressor. Most of these were actually manufactured by Ron Allen of Allen Engineering. While Ops Inc. products have not been available for many years, the silencer lives on as the Allen Engineering AEM5. This is the option we offer up today for the clone connoisseur. These are Ron Allen Sparks Nevada generation of this venerable suppressor and is cosmetically identical to the original issue models. Knurling is present to make attaching and removing easier. As an extra bonus, the AEM5 can also be used on other popular clone rifles such as the NSW RECCE Rifle or legendary Gordon Carbine.  Also, just to note, the current production of this suppresso in Orem, Utah is identical, but we wanted to offer the "OG" for this kit.  This kit will receive a Ron Allen Suppressor, from Nevada

Subject Matter Expert Christopher Bartocci with Small Arms Solutions discusses the history of the Mk12 Mod 1.


  • Authentic Mk12 Mod1 rifle
  • Knights Armament Mk12 Rifle Length RAS
  • FN M16 lower receiver with UID sticker
  • Douglas 18" SPR profile barrel, 1:7 twist CLE 5.56 chambered inNAVSEA gray
  • A2 fixed rifle stock
  • ARMS High Rings
  • Allen Engineering brake and long collar
  • Mk12 gas block and rifle length gas tube
  • Colt "C" marked upper receiver - period correct
  • Colt BCG
  • PRI M84 charging handle
  • Side mounted sling mount
  • Geissele SSA-E two-stage match trigger
  • Colt lower parts kit
  • Harris bipod on KAC mount (period correct)
  • Knights Armament flip-up black M4 front sight (99051) and 200-600 meter flip up full sized rear back up sight
  • Pelican case with pre-cut foam for the Mod1 rifle
  • Three 20-Round Colt used magazines - period correct
  • Otis cleaning kit - NSN marked
  • One piece cleaning rod - Dewey
  • Bore guide - custom made for us by Modern Arms Resources
  • Blue Force Gear sling with required mounts
  • Period correct user guides, maintenance manual and dope card

History of the Mk12 Program

Starting in 1968 during the Vietnam War, US Army snipers began fielding what was known at the time as the XM21 in 7.62 NATO. 1975 saw this marksman variant of the M14 officially type classified as the M21. In 1988, these rifles were being pulled from service (though many would be brought out for later issue in Iraq and Afghanistan) and were replaced by the US Army with the Remington M24 Sniper Weapon System also in 7.62 NATO. During this period, there was a rise in the use of shorter barreled carbines such as the new M4 instead of the legacy M16 series. By the late 1990s, the special forces community within SOCOM saw the need for a weapon to bridge the gap between the 14.5" M4 series, which performed very well at short to intermediate ranges, and the longer 24" barreled M24 and M40 bolt action sniper rifle. This need was confirmed as the Global War on Terror began after the September 11th, 2001 Terrorist Attacks.

Members of the 5th Special Forces group worked with the US Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) and the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) in Crane, Indiana, to develop what started as the Special Purpose Receiver concept, originally intended as a replacement upper receiver group that could be utilized in the SOPMOD program. The SPR was to be a 5.56 NATO heavy barreled precision unit that would be capable of shooting 700 meters, fire heavier match grade ammunition, and be pressed into emergency use as a light support weapon, should the need arise. This development continued and morphed into a stand-alone weapon system named the Mk12 Special Purpose Rifle by 2000. Among the attractive qualities of the system was the ability to share common ammunition, magazines, and accessories with standard inventory M16s and M4s. The Mk12 would go through several variations and see a fair amount of customization at the unit and operator level. All versions combined would serve from 2002 to 2017 when the final rifles were withdrawn from service.

Though the variants all had differences, the common thread was the use of stainless match grade barrels, high-quality free floating handguards, magnified optics, and Ops Inc. 12th Model suppressors on their unique collar and brake mount system. Over the course of the program, numerous Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) components would be combined with existing stocks of new and old weapons making cloning one of these rifles a challenge. The Mk12 series of rifles were select fire and had two-stage target style triggers (KAC and Geissele were used at various times) which also retained the full automatic position. The burst mechanism was not chosen due to its negative effect on trigger pull consistency. To handle the increased gas blowback from the silencer, Mk12s were issued with PRI M84 Gasbuster charging handles. While these fulfilled their goal of helping divert combustion gasses away from the shooter, they had the added value of being easier to manipulate with their oversized latches.

The Mod 1

The first revision was named the Mk12 Mod 1 and was built by NSWC Crane on lower receivers from current M4A1s or from vintage M16A1s that were saved from destruction. It is documented to see Naval Surface Warfare units and even a fair number of US Marines with the Mod 1 variant. The Mod 1 is distinguishable from the Mod 0 by the Knights Armament free floating RAS quad rail the Mod 0 used a round Precision Reflex (PRI) handguard with a flip-up front sight gas block. The upper receiver for both "Mods" used ARMS #22 high quick release rings. The weapon was also fitted with folding back up sights and a bipod. Coated 18" stainless steel Douglas barrels were used with a 1:7 twist to stabilize the 77 grain Mk262 Mod 1 open tip match round. While seen with several stock variants, the fixed A1 and A2 stocks are among the most common for the Mod 1 and could be found with or without trapdoor storage. Mod 1s can be found with A1, A2, or ERGO grips.  the Mod 1 initially had the Leupold TS30-A2, the same as the Mod 0.  Subsequent deployment kits received the Nightforce 2.5-10x24 with an illuminated Milrad reticle, as does this rifle.

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