Mil-spec ambi magazine release - mil spec Norgon type

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Mil-spec ambi magazine release - mil spec Norgon type 

mil-spec M4 ambi magazine release made is USA, Norgon type release. 

This is a great find. Solid and functional and made in the USA. For your mil spec clone builds, no doubt a Norgon is the right ambi magazine release.  Charlie's will never steer you away from a Norgon, if that is what you want.

But, we pride ourselves in finding, testing and using great values that are hidden from plain view.  If we can save you three or four shekels, why not?

We have found a clone of the Norgon that is made in the USA out of solid tool steel. There are times to spend money on name brands for your clone, but if you need to save a few bills, this part fits the bill in very nice order. Trust Charlie’s to find the best for less. This is not a questionable eBay made in China part of or some AirSoft garbage. This is made for combat.

For a basic AR15, or for mil-spec M4A1 clone build, this is what you need. No waiting, No BS. Simple part, buy it today. Nothing but the best at a great price.