MDT ACC Premier GEN2 Chassis for Remington 700 Short Action Right Hand

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MDT ACC Premier GEN2 Chassis for Remington 700 Short Action Right Hand

MDT ACC Premier GEN2 Chassis for Remington 700 Short Action Right Hand

The MDT ACC Premier Chassis system emerges as a formidable player in the realm of precision rifle sports. With its roots firmly established in the demands of PRS and ELR competitions, the Remington 700 Short Action right-handed chassis brings a competitor's edge to the firing line while remaining accessible to enthusiasts looking to elevate their standard factory rifles.  Designed for competitors, the Adjustable Core Competition (ACC) is the result of endless testing and collaboration with competition shooters, implementing the most crucial and results-driven features while ensuring accuracy and precision remain unparalleled.

Standing at the intersection of performance and value, the MDT ACC Premier Chassis is recognized for bridging the gap between accessible customization and elite competition gear. While names like Accuracy International and Cadex resonate with the echoes of military sharpshooters, MDT stands as a steward of the mainline brand, delivering similar performance without commanding the premium-tier price tag.

Unparalleled among peers in its price bracket, the MDT ACC chassis system offers the discerning marksman a balanced blend of affordability, adaptability, and precision. The innovation begins with a sophisticated weight management system, empowering shooters to modify the chassis' heft, thereby adapting to varying competition conditions and personal preferences. Starting at an agile 4.5 pounds, the chassis can support additional weights to achieve a tailored setup reaching upwards of 12.3 pounds—exclusive of the barreled action and accompanying accessories.

Highlights and Features

  • Integral Weight System: Streamlines the customization of rifle balance with strategically positioned internal and external weight additions.
  • Bespoke Adjustability: Enhanced ergonomic tailoring with the MDT SRS-X Premier Buttstock and Vertical Grip Elite promotes a fit unique to each shooter's style.
  • Superior Stability: The ACC chassis' forend provides a stable platform for steady shots, accommodating various accessories over its 17-inch ARCA/RRS dovetail.
  • Easily Customizable: M-LOK slots and accessory mounting points scatter generously across the forend, inviting a plethora of supportive attachments, from spare round holders to data card holders.
  • Designed for Victory: The chassis architecture encapsulates the collective wisdom of leading competitive shooters, curating a path to the podium for many.

Crafted from the resilient fibers of 6061 aluminum, hard anodized and finished with a protective layer of Cerakote, the MDT ACC Premier Chassis withstands the hardships of competitive use. The wide, flat forend—machined to accommodate ARCA rails and accessories along its entirety—ensures the chassis is not just a support structure but an interactive extension of the shooter's will.

The MDT ACC Premier Chassis is fantastic with modularity and adaptability in the precision rifle community. Delving deeper into what sets the ACC apart, this chassis is loaded with features,  each designed to advance the competitive shooter to new levels of accuracy and control—particularly in the dynamic stages of PRS (Precision Rifle Series) competitions.

At the core of the ACC's design philosophy is the concept of modularity. The ACC encourages shooters to evolve their build over time. It's a living system, with a breadth of customization befitting the most demanding of precision tasks. Incorporating adjustable core elements, this system fluently accommodates samll changes in shooter ergonomics or situational requirements.

The ACC's buttstock section is an example of its modularity.  The buttsock offers an array of add-ons that include folding stock adapters, interface adapters, accessories, and even dampeners. This allows shooters not only to tweak the structural profile of their rifle but also the felt recoil and handling characteristics—ultimately making the rifle a custom design for the shooter:  now and tomorrow.  The rifle provides for a balance of comfort and consistent performance.

Flexibility extends to the interfaces, with the ACC chassis supporting a variety of configurations like XTN, Carbine, and Fixed. Each interface caters to different shooter preferences and use-case scenarios, ensuring that whether you're in a firing range or out in the field, the ACC adapts to your approach to shooting.

Another highlight of the ACC is the vertical grip—a seemingly small component but imporant in the competitive context. It's not just a point of contact; it's the shooter's direct line to the trigger, the steadying hold during rapid transitions, and the control center during lengthy holds. MDT intricately understands this connection and equips the ACC with vertical grips that promote stability and control through all stages of shooting.

Scopes are the eyes of precision rifles, and with the ACC, the choice is not limited by the architecture. It is compatible with most scope mounts and rings, ranging from 30 to 50 MOA adjustments, one-piece scope mounts optimized for resilience, to lightweight premier scope rings crafted for tactical efficiency. This chassis is the foundation for an integrated shooting system that focuses on delivering rounds on target with laser precision.

Recognizing the community's leanings, MDT also provides a 'Best Sellers' section. This resource is a trove of information, signposting the ACC components that have garnered trust and widespread usage within the precision shooting niche. It speaks volumes about what’s tried and true, guiding both veterans and newcomers alike towards components that are renowned for their reliability and performance enhancement.

Every aspect of the MDT ACC Chassis System has the shooter in mind. Its intricate design speaks of a partnership between the engineers and the end-users—the competitors who understand that victory is grasped in microseconds and milliradians. It's a system where modularity isn't just a feature; it's the foundation upon which winning is built.

With this level of customization, the MDT ACC Premier Chassis is a strategic companion that empowers you to tailor your rifle design and evolve it, ensuring that each shot is a is fun to shoot and develops your skill and technological mastery.

With adjustments stretched to every conceivable dimension—including a thumb rest and a textured magazine well—the chassis adheres to the form of the competitor, responding to minute shifts in technique and position. This meticulous approach to custom fitment echoes the observations of Bill Marr from, who vouched for the platform's "solid design" and "smooth handling," made evident by remarkable sub-MOA groupings with standard factory loads (, November 19, 2019).

In sum, the MDT ACC Premier Chassis represents a fulcrum of tactical and competitive excellence, balancing the scales of price and performance. It's a chassis system designed not just for the shooting elite but for any marksman intent on precision and consistency.

Technical Specifications

Weight 4.5 - 13.5 lbs (depending on added weights)
Materials & Finish 6061 Aluminum, Hard anodized and Cerakote finish
Length of Pull (LOP) 13.5” with included buttstock
Overall Length 27” - Chassis Base only, 37.4” - With Buttstock
Grip Compatibility AR-15 style grips, MDT Vertical Grip Elite included
Magazine Compatibility   AICS Magazine Compatible
Buttstock Interface XTN Interface - Buttstock Included
Forend Length 17-18” depending on model
Max Barrel Diameter 1.350”
MPN 103734-BLK