March F Shorty 1-10x Dual Focal Plane LPVO, Tactical Turrets, illum dot, DR-1 ret.

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March Scopes Shorty 1-10x LPVO with Tactical Turrets, Dual Focal Planes 

Featuring the DR-1 reticle with Illuminated Dot - D10SV24FIML-DR-1

March Scopes made their name with some of the best glass in the business, while custom-building each scope by hand to order in Japan for the most demanding target shooter.  Along the way, March got noticed, and has expanded into more tactical scopes as well, and the Tactical F model 1-10x24mm "Shorty" has become a name in its own right.  The Shorty can take on the best in the LPVO field, and, like the S&B Dual CC, the Shorty FFP 1-10x scope features a red dot in the second focal plane, keeping a steady bead on the target, while the mil reticle is in the first focal plane, zooming in and out and providing quick tactical range finding.

Features of the March F Tactical Shorty

  • Dual focal plane reticle
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Precision design, engineering and manufacturing
  • DR-1 reticle
  • Exposed turrets

Developing a dual focal plane scope is no easy matter.  The technical and assembly challenges with respect to dual reticles are extreme, and pushes the limits of the state of the art in reticle design. The tolerances required in assembly of the DR-1 are such that very few are able to do it, especially with a 10X zoom ratio. Any deviation from these extremely tight tolerances will be visible in the 10X zoom range. The assembly of this scope, is meticulous. March Scope has a passion for the superb assembly of an extremely strong yet fine work of art.  The F series 1-10x shorty does not disappoint.

The F-series March Dual Reticle has advantages of both SFP and FFP reticle. It has the convenience of the FFP reticle scale which magnifies and reduces according to the magnification and the usability of the SFP reticle with the constant thickness (to the eye not the scale value) of the line as the magnification changes.  Placing the daylight bright fiber dot illumination to the Second Focal plane reticle ensures that the illuminated dot is usable across the entire magnification range; from a dot sight at low magnifications to a precise illuminated dot for long range precision shooting at higher magnifications with the use of the scale.

The bright fiber optic dot is placed on the second focal plane, allowing the user to use the scope as a red dot sight at low magnification while still offering a precise reticle for use at high magnification.

True 1x and 10-fold zoom ratio scope 
The 1-10x F-Shorty Scope can be used just like a dot-sight with both eyes open for point-blank range, as it has true 1x capability. With its 10-fold zoom ratio, it can also be used for long range precision shooting.


  • Scope Weight:  17.8 ounces
  • Scope Length:  8.4 inches
  • Magnification Range:  1x - 10x
  • Scope Objective Diameter:  24mm
  • Scope Tube Size / Mount:  30mm**
  • Turret Adjustment (Click Value):0.1 MIL
  • Elevation Turret Details:  56 MIL Exposed
  • Windage Turret Details:  56 MIL Exposed
  • Reticle Position:  First Focal Plane
  • Reticle Details:  DR-1
  • Field of View:  101.5 feet @ 100 yards (1x magnification)
    10.05 feet @ 100 yards (10x magnification)
  • Exit Pupil:  8.6mm (1x magnification)
    2.4mm (10x magnification)
  • Eye Relief:  72mm - 104mm (1x magnification)
    75mm - 100mm (10x magnification)
  • Illuminated Reticle:  Yes
  • Scope Finish:  Black
  • Manufacturer's Part Number D10SV24FIML-DR-1

** Note:  scope requires a 30mm ring in the rear and a 33mm ring in the front

DR-1 Reticle

The DR-1 reticle is the most popular in the Shorty line and provides a blend of mil based hold-offs and ranging capabilities, while not being too busy, and still allowing the fiber optic red dot to take center stage in the low magnification range.




Package Includes

  • Flip caps (for objective lens and eyepiece)
  • Fast lever
  • CR2032 battery
  • Lens cloth
  • Hex key
  • Sunshade

Note:  for the custom made scope mount for the March Shorty LPVO, see this:  Audere Levitas mount for March Shorty