M110 Flash Hider, 3/4"-24, incl shim kit - Potomac Armory

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M110 flash hider for SR-25 rifle

3/4"-24 threads for the M110 rifle and specific profiled barrels

This is also the mounting device for the KAC M110 suppressor, as well as the Griffin M110 clone suppressor.  3/4" -24, which is specific to KAC SR-25 family of barrels.

This is also the mounting device for the Griffin MGL-110 and Knights Armament M110 suppressor.  These suppressors require a specific barrel, flash hider and gate latch gas block.  The thread pitch is unique at  3/4" -24, which is specific to KAC SR-25 family of barrels.  This will not fit a standard AR10 .308 style rifle barrel.  We recommend using authentic Knights Armement, Potomac Armory or Nafarious Arms barrels for this flash hider.

This is a clone of the brand name flash hider, but pretty much identical in look.  

Perfect for your M110-SASS clone rifle build.


  • Caliber:  7.62mm
  • Weight:  3.4 oz
  • Length:  2.6″
  • Material:  Steel
  • Thread Size:  3/4″x24
  • Current Production:  YES

Manufacturer:  Potomac Armory

Note: "Knights Armament" is a federally registered trademark and is of many trademarks owned by Knights Armament Co. Potomac Armory and Charlies Custom Clones are an independent manufactuers and dealers, respectively, which are not affiliated with or endorsed by Knights Armament. Reference to Knights Armament and KAC are for explanation and compatibility for the end customer.