B.E. Meyers 556 ASR (249 Omega) Flash Hider

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Discontinued by Manufacturer

B.E. Meyers 556 ASR (249 Omega) Flash Hider

also known as the 249 Omega ASR Adapter

Bringing the Genius of the 249F flash hider together with the Universality of the Omega ASR Suppressor Mount

The B.E. Meyers 249F Flash Hider has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective flash hiders available.  Now the 249F is available as the 249 OMEGA (officially, the 556 ASR), allowing compatibly with Silencerco Omega suppressors. 

Designed by the two engineering teams from B.E. Meyers and Silencerco, the 556 ASR brings the top tier flash suppression capability of the renowned and proven B.E. Meyers 249F and mates it with the the precision suppressor mounting capability required from Silencerco and Specwar suppressors using the ASR mounting standard.  Melonited for extreme corrosion and rust resistance, and designed to handle the harsh environments inside a suppressor, this mount delivers maximum performance and flexibility. 

According to a formal US Army evaluation, the 249F eliminates 96% of all visible muzzle flash and was awarded the highest score during testing.  This prevents momentary night blindness and eliminates flash distortion of night vision devices, allowing you to effectively maintain target awareness throughout an engagement.

Made of Mennonited Stainless Steel for extra durability, surface hardness and corrosion resistance.

With 1/2" - 28 threading, this flash hider will fit all AR15 style weapons, including M4 and M16.

  • Melonited Steel
  • Length:  2.560" (Overall)
  • Diameter:  0.960"
  • Compatible with SilencerCo Omega and SWR Specwar suppressors that use the Active Spring Retention (ASR™) mount
  • Long enough for a 14.0" barrel to make to 16.0" overall length