HUXWRK HX-QD 556 OSS Suppressor and Flash Hider Combo

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HUXWRK HX-QD 556 Suppressor and Flash Hider Combo

This is the former OSS Suppressor in Stainless Steel, SOCOM rated

The HUXWRX 556 suppressor is extremely rugged, and does a good job of sound reduction at the shooter's ear and reducing back-pressure, which can be very important with shorter barreled rifles.  The HX-QD 556 has a newly designed integrated flash suppressor cap, and is built around OSS Flow-Through technology, which is an innovative design that results in serious reductions in back pressure.  The HX-QD 556 suppressor is full-auto rated, and passes the SOCOM reliability stress test, has no minimum barrel restrictions, and is a good choice for a heavy duty tactical 5.56mm AR15 style rifle.  The extremely low back pressure, couples with high reduction in sound at the operator level and the heavy duty stainless construction make it an ideal choice for shorter barrel rifles, where back pressure and toxic gases blow-back is common.

Unlike traditional suppressors that manage trapped gas, intense heat and pressure with blast baffles, OSS Flow-Through technology redirects expanding gases forward and utilizes 17-4 stainless steel deflectors and internal Grade 5 Titanium coils. The result is a remarkably cooler and extremely durable suppressor. The HX-QD 556 has a fully-welded outer body made of 17-4 heat treated stainless steel coated with C-series high temperature black Cerakote.


  • 5.56 NATO Caliber
  • Flow-Through Technology
  • Full-Auto Rated
  • Weight of 17.6oz
  • C-Series Cerakote Finish
  • Delivers very strong sound reduction at the shooter's ear
  • Delivers very low back pressure
  • Ideal for Mk18 and tactical short barrel rifles
  • Flash hider included - Flash Hider QD 556
  • Made From 17-4 Stainless Steel and Grade 5 Titanium


OSS 556 flow through

HUXWRX patented OSS Flow-Through® Technology virtually eliminates blowback and toxic gas that can affect weapon system performance and shooter health. Engineered to deliver superior sound suppression without adversely affecting the weapon system, it operates and functions as it would unsuppressed.

The unique design utilizes deflectors and coils to direct hot, expanding gases away from the bore-line, routing them forward through the suppressor and away from the shooter’s face, eyes, and lungs. Armed forces and law enforcement worldwide are recognizing the benefits of OSS Flow-Through® Technology and adopting HUXWRX as their suppressor standard.

This extremely rugged suppressor is updated with HUXWRX's newly designed flash cap and is built with Flow-Through technology. It delivers hearing safe mid-130s dB, has zero flash performance and has no minimum barrel restrictions. The HX-QD 556 is full auto rated and easily passes the USSOCOM Reliability Stress Test, so it has been said that these cans are built for abuse.

The stainless steel and titanium metals used provide a much stronger and more durable suppressor compared to others on the market. Now with an added flash hiding front cap, the HX-QD 556 will reduce muzzle flash as well as reducing sound and modifying blowback. A detailed cleaning is recommended ever 2,500 rounds. Detailed cleaning will help ensure product performance and service life are uncompromised.

Pew Science has tested the HX-QD 556: Pew Science testing of the OSS HUXWRX 556and the suppressor shows an overall score of 31, which fits between the higher rated Surefire SOCOM RC2 at 36, and the lower rated Knights Armament NT at 29, so a strong contender in the military grade 5.56mm suppressor market.  The Pew Science composite rating takes into account a number of factors.  Three important factors are:  1)  sound suppressor at the shooter's ear;  2)  sound suppressing at the muzzle, and; 3) back pressor blow-back.  Interesting in those results, amongst a group of peer suppressors, ranging from brands like Surefire, CSG, Rugged, Q, Knights Armament, Silencerco, Energetic Armament, Otter Creek, KGM and other OOS branded suppressors, the QD 556 was the quietest tested on a Mk18 10.3" short barreled military rifle with standard 5.56mm NATO ammunition, in terms of sound levels at the shooter's ear, coming in with a quiet rating of 27.5.  The field of peers tested ranged from a low of 13.3 to the QD 556 at 27.5.  The next two quietest suppressors in the test - at the shooter's ear - was the OSS QD 556-K at 23.4 and the R556 from KGM at 22.9.  As expected, the gas block back was very low, and the low gas blow back and baffle designs contribute to more gas pressure, and thus less sound at the shooter's ear, while the sound reduction at the muzzle was a little better than average, with the Surefire SOCOM RC2, the Silencerco Saker 556 and the Otter Creek Polonium beating out the OSS QD 556.  Even then, the QD 556 did better than the Knights NT4, the Q Trash Panda and the Energetic Armament ARX.  For more information, see:  Pew Science testing of suppressors on the Mk18, SSS.6.84

So, the lesson that Jay at Pew Science gives us with all his testing:  If having low gas blow-back in the shooter's face and a quieter suppressor at the shooter's ear is important, then the HUXWRX OSS HX-QD 556 suppressors might be a good choice for you.  If you are looking for a suppressor that is kinder on your buddies to the left and right of the muzzle, there might be better choices to be made.

At Charlie's, we are a sponsor of Pew Science, and the methods used allow us and allow the buyer to look somewhat objectively at suppressors, and as a result, when we have Pew Science data, that is much more meaningful to us, than the manufacturer's representation of Pulse readings of maximum sound.  Even so, the following information is provided by the manufacturer, and might be useful when the reader compares other suppressors, as manufacturers tend to publish Pulse readings, and not many publish Pew Science data.

Test Results from HUXWRX

  • 130-134 dB on 20" AR15 DI using commercial grade 55 gr ammo
  • 133-137 dB on 16" AR15 DI using commercial grade 55 gr ammo
  • 138-142 dB on 10.5" AR15 DI using commercial grade 55 gr ammo

Included in the kit is the HUXWRX Flash Hider QD 556, which features threads at 1/2-28 for most AR style rifles with an overall length of 2.3" and adds 1.7" to the length of the barrel.  The QD 556 suppressor threads on the exterior of the muzzle device.  While not included, HUXRUX also offers a brake option as well.

Photos courtesy of HUXWRX and DEFCON Creative.

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