Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 4.5-14X50 M5 TMR Riflescope

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Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 4.5-14X50 M5 TMR Riflescope

Old School and Still Cool

The Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 4.5-14x50 M5 TMR Riflescope is a product of Leupold's commitment to precision and innovation. Designed with tactical shooters in mind, this scope offers a balance of clarity, accuracy, and reliability.

The Mark 4 ER/T brings together years of optical expertise. Its Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR) offers a practical blend of mil-dot subtensions and hash marks, simplifying range estimation, and holdovers. The M5 dials provide tactile feedback, aiding in precise adjustments. And the lens system ensures clear visuals, even when lighting isn't ideal.


  • Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR): Simplifies range estimation and holdovers.

  • M5 Adjustment Dials: Offer tactile feedback for on-the-fly adjustments.

  • Advanced Lens System: Delivers clear visuals across various lighting conditions.

  • Durable Build: Made to handle both tactical and field challenges.

  • Versatile Magnification: Suitable for a range of shooting scenarios.

  • Weather Resilient: Performs consistently in diverse weather conditions.

Born from the requirements of military sharpshooters, the Mark 4 series has evolved alongside modern warfare tactics. With feedback from military professionals, Leupold has ensured the Mark 4 remains a top choice for precision shooting. This M5 turret is an evolution from the early sniper scopes, which had a milRAD reticle and MOA turrets. That is a skill! The M5 matches Mil with Mil, so a modern design to an old favorite.

Military Use and Clone Building

Trusted in military operations, the Mark 4's reliability is well-known among snipers. Outside of military contexts, it's a favorite for clone rifle enthusiasts, complementing rifles like the Mk12, Mk11, M110, and SR-25, as well as the newer M2010 rifles with Leupold scopes.

For those who just want a basic, high quality mid-magnification scope, the Mark 4 in 4.5-14x magnification, that is a very popular range. Most shooter are not hitting out to 1,300 yards every time at the range, and 4.5-14 covers a lot of mid-level distance from 200 to 900 yards quite nicely, and with great quality of Leupold and the dependability of the Mark 4, at a price tag much less than some of the more modern scopes with higher zoom factors than 3x, which tend to drive cost very quickly. In the military, there is a saying that nobody ever got fired for choosing a Mark 4.

The TMR reticle is a very friendly reticle for former military snipers, it is an evolution of the mil-dot, and will be very familiar. But, to the non career sniper, the TMR is much easier to understand than the mil-dot, while being clean and providing some range finding features. The TMR has been a staple on Leupold Mark 4, Mark 5 HD, Mark 6, and Mark 8 scopes for today, and dating back two decades.

The Experience of the Mark 4

Imagine being out on the range, the weight of your rifle familiar in your hands. You've got a target in sight, and you need an optic that won't let you down. That's where the Mark 4 comes in. The first time you use it, you'll notice the clarity. Even as the sun starts to set, your target remains clear. The TMR reticle, with its intuitive design, guides your aim. And those M5 dials? They give you a sense of control, allowing for precise adjustments. But it's not just about the features. It's about the confidence they instill. With the Mark 4, you're not just shooting; you're connecting with every shot, feeling more in sync with your surroundings. It's not just a scope; it's an experience.


Magnification/Objective Diameter 4.5-14X50
Finish Matte Black
Waterproof Yes
Weight 21 Ounce
Tube Diameter 30mm
Power Variability Variable
Minimum Power 4.5
Maximum Power 14
Adjustment Click Value 1/10 MIL
Adjustment Type Click
Exposed Turrets Yes
Finger Adjustable Turrets Yes
Turrets Resettable to Zero Yes
Zero Stop No
Turret Height High
Fast Focus Eye Piece Yes
Lens Coating Diamond Coat 2
Warranty Leupold Gold Ring Full Lifetime
Rings Included No
Sun Shade Included No
Lens Covers Included Yes
Reticle TMR
Reticle Construction Glass Etched
Illuminated Reticle No
Reticle Focal Plane Location 1st
Parallax Adjustment Side Focus
Fog Proof Yes
Shock Proof Yes
Overall Length (A) 12.5 Inches
Eyepiece Bell to Objective Bell Length (B) 5.6 Inches
Objective Bell to Turret Length (C) 1.6 Inches
Eyepiece Bell to Turret Length (D) 2.4 Inches
Eyepiece Length (E) 3.2 Inches
Objective Bell Length (F) 3.7 Inches
Objective Diameter (G) 2.3 Inches
Eyepiece Diameter (H) 1.6 Inches
Objective Lens Diameter 50 Millimeter
Eye Relief 4.4 - 3.6 Inches
Exit Pupil Diameter 11.1-3.6 Millimeter
Field of View @ 100 Yards Minimum Power 20.2 Feet
Field of View @ 100 Yards Maximum Power 8.2 Feet
Maximum Windage Adjustment 29.6 MIL
Maximum Elevation Adjustment 20.7 MIL