Larue Tactical RISR Reciprocating Inline Stock Riser - Black

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LaRue Tactical Reciprocating Inline Stock Riser - Black

The Spring-Loaded Cheek Riser That Moves With Your Charging Handle

This is a cheek riser that moves back when you need to charge your rifle. The innovative LaRue Tactical RISR solves a common AR problem - charging your cheek riser equipped AR without moving the stock.  A good many shooters appreciate this design, which while a decade old, is still fresh and innovative.  Tactical shooters appreciate an elevate cheek weld on the carbine stock, but have been hampered by stock risers that interfere with the charging handle.  So, the great trade-off occurs:  better cheek riser, or functional charging handle.  The LaRue Riser presents a solution and a win-win.

Key Features:

  • Spring-loaded design moves back as charging handle is pulled
  • Snaps back into position when charging handle is released
  • Designed to fit Magpul CTR butt stocks without modification
  • Easy installation with just a Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Made in the USA from glass-reinforced polymer

The Magpul CTR stock is ubiquitous and many shooters utilize the OEM Magpul risers to reach a proper cheekweld with magnified optics. This presents a problem. Magpul risers are fixed to the stock and when collapsed, they will block the charging handle. When shooting this can be an inconvenience. For clearing malfunctions, this can be a massive problem. Moving the stock adds an extra step when time is key. And if mortaring is required, doing this with the stock extended risks damaging the weapon.

Larue Tactical has created the RISR. Its spring-loaded design moves fluidly with the charging handle, so you don't need to adjust your stock to run the charging handle. The RISR is purpose-built for AR platforms with raised optics or top rails that benefit from a cheek riser. Maintaining consistent stock position results in improved shooting accuracy and faster target re-acquisition. Whether recreational shooting or competitive marksmanship, the RISR gives you an advantage.

Crafted in Texas from durable glass-reinforced polymer, the RISR seamlessly integrates with Magpul CTR stocks. Installation takes just minutes with a Phillips-head screwdriver. All mounting hardware is included.

Improve your AR accuracy and speed with the innovative LaRue Tactical RISR cheek riser. Order yours today!

Photos courtesy of Larue Tactical