Knights Armament KAC SR25 / M110 Gas Block, 0.750"


Knights Armament KAC SR25 / M110 Gas Block, 0.750"

This is the Mod1, if you will, of Knight's gas blocks for the M110.  Double Picitinny rail, with carve-outs for weight savings over the Mk11 block.  This gas block is fully compatible withe the M110, the Mk11 and also commercial SR-25 rifles with a 20" barrel and accept the M110 flash hider and the M110 or Mk11 suppressor.

Note: This gas block uses a Knights proprietary gas port, and is not compatible with other non-KAC and non-Mk11/M110 barrels.

Made of stainless steel, then black-oxided.

Charlie's carries both new KAC factory gas blocks and new, old stock (NOS) which are identical, and we do not differentiate in what we sell.  Yours could be sealed in blue or white long-term storage mil-spec plastic, or in a Knights factory package. 

Sold WITHOUT any suppressor locator pins, taper pins or roll spring pin.  If you are planning to use suppressed, you need one or two locator pins, depending upon the Kinghts suppressor that you plan to use.  To be installed only by a qualified gunsmith. To be installed requires proper gas port and suppressor timing, as well as drilling and pinning the barrel and gas block in three locations.

KAC and Charlie's reserves the right to sell to only KAC certified armorers at any time.