Knights Armament M110 A2 Pistol Grip TAUPE KAC SR25

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Knights Armament M110 A2 Pistol Grip TAUPE KAC SR25

100% Knights Armament taupe grip for M110 SASS


pretty much what you want for an M110 clone build, or anything else with an awesome taupe grip.

Taupe is Dope.  This is the taupe / FDE grip by which all other grips are compared.  Is it any better than another tan grip.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But it is 100% authentic for your M110 and several other rifles, and factory made by Knights.  So, with KAC, it is hard to get and expensive.  At Charlie's we use these in our builds, and make available when we have a few extras.  

Note on colors:  Pictures can be deceiving.  Getting the white balance correct to give you a brown or taupe is very hard.  Anything in the Taupe, FDE, DDC, Coyote Brown color family is a matter of the eyes of the beholder and the manufacturer.  Charlie's sources several tan A2 grips.  This one is on the darker side.  We sell three shades of tan A2 grips.  This is the darkest of the three.  Is it "taupe?"  KAC says its taupe, but KAC taupe has been many things.  Charlie calls it brown, maybe more Coyote Brown than the A2 Coyote Brown that we sell.  John calls it magnificent.  Ryan calls if very functional.  Our accountant says it is very costly to keep in inventory, and Knights does not want to seem to want to part with it very often.

Take a look at the other tan colored A2 grips that Charlie's sell are listed here:

Contains grip only.  No screw or washer.

Manufacturer's Part Number:  KM-94035-TAU

Note:  Limit of one per person

a note on small parts at Charlie's

Charlie's uses this part in our rifle and upper assembly, and as such, this is a manufacturing part for us.  When we have enough inventory, we also make this available for sale. As is the case with many of our manufacturing parts, we must have these parts in-stock, and try to never run out.  With parts from Knights, LMT,and Colt, that is especially difficult, as the supply chain sometimes has parts and sometimes does not.  If you are shopping for parts, it is very likely that you will find one of two things, and this is true for this genuine part:  a)  another online retailer has this part for a lower price, and/or b)  every other online retailer is out of stock. 

In trying to make sure we always have stock, it is possible that our price is a little higher for small parts.  We understand that, but we also want to have the item in-stock.  Make sense?  You decide.  Our business model is to build and to buy the best assembled tactical products, and along the way also bring you great parts.  Please judge us on the whole.

Note on packaging:  We typically ship this part in factory plastic wrapper when only one or two total items are ordered. We do this to save on space and shipping costs  For orders of three or more of these parts, or when part of a larger order, we will ship with the KAC box, if requested.