Taupe FDE A2 grip, M110 / Scar replacement clone

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Taupe FDE A2 grip, M110 / Scar replacement clone

Taupe (FDE) milspec A2 grip

This is very similar to the Knight's Armament taupe grip used M110 SASSS, and replica clones, but is not made by KAC.

We work with military replica rifles, and often times use KAC, Colt and Daniel Defense parts. Sometimes, where it is less obvious, in small parts, some builders and customers like to save a few dollars here and there on parts where it really might not matter if you have the exact perfect part. Perhaps a grip is the right place? We also sell KAC grips, so we can help you if you want one of those. KAC can be expensive, and is often out of stock. We love KAC, and if you can afford it, you should buy genuine KAC, if it is in-stock. Is there any difference in quality or functionality between the two? I don't see any.

As to construction, this is a solid polymer with what appears to be fiberglass reinforcement.  It is very high quality. We have been selling this grip since 2018, and it is very popular.  Note that the fit is rather tight.  This works well with military grade mil-spec forged lower receivers, and can be too tight for commercial grade and billet recievers.  This is manufactured by a quality military contractor.  Made in USA.

Note on colors:  Pictures can be deceiving.  Getting the white balance correct to give you a brown or taupe is very hard.  Anything in the Taupe, FDE, DDC, Coyote Brown color family is a matter of the eyes of the beholder and the manufaturer.  Charlie's sources several tan A2 grips.  This one is the lightest color of the three  Is it "FDE?"  It maybe closer to a Sand color, and half the cost of a Knights Taupe. Same A2 fit. One that the KAC clone nerds like Charlie could or would probably never be able tell the difference, especially as Knight's "taupe" has changed over the years.  Take a look at the pictures.  This one is the lighests color of the three we sell.  It is the one on the left.  We have two different generations of pictures.  The lighter pics are closer to the actual color.  We learn as we take pics over the years.  Getting white balance to reflect tan, sand, taupe and FDE is very hard.

The other tan colored A2 grips that Charlie's sell are listed here:

Contains grip only.  No hardware

Please feel free to ask questions before you buy.  No restrictions on export.