HUXWRX Flow 762 Ti Suppressor in Black

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HUXWRX Flow 7.62 Ti Suppressor in Black


Revolutionize Your Shooting Experience with HUXWRX's New Titanium Suppressor

The quest for superior firearm suppression takes a significant leap forward with the launch of the FLOW 762 Ti suppressor by HUXWRX. Embrace a game-changing firearm experience with the Flow 762 Ti suppressor, HuxWrx's newest offering. Building on the successes of the popular Flow 556k, this innovative product features Grade 5 titanium construction and the latest 3D-printing technology. The Flow 762 Ti takes a leap forward in semi-auto firearm suppression by minimizing backpressure and mitigating toxic fumes, creating a safer, more enjoyable shooting environment.

Flow-Through technology cycles and redirects expanding gases in a helical pattern away from the bore-line, through the front of the suppressor, and away from the shooter’s face, eyes, and lungs. The Torque Lock® system takes advantage of the rotational force of exiting gases created by the Flow-Through design. As the gases travel forward and out through angled vents in the end cap, it virtually makes it impossible for the suppressor to come loose when shooting and negates the need for a secondary locking system.
  • Advanced 3D Printing & Titanium Construction: The Flow 762 Ti utilizes cutting-edge 3D-printing technology and superior Grade 5 titanium. This combination of strength and innovation enables intricate designs and sophisticated suppression methods, outperforming traditional baffle creation.
  • Efficient Flow-Through Technology: The Flow 762 Ti's Flow-Through technology directs expanding gases in a helical pattern away from the shooter. This unique feature reduces toxic fumes, ensuring that every shot you take is safer and more comfortable.
  • Unmatched Lightness and Resilience: Despite its all-titanium construction, the Flow 762 Ti is incredibly lightweight at just 11.8 ounces. This suppressor has also demonstrated its durability by surviving six cycles of the rigorous SOCOM Reliability Stress Test.
  • Zero Back Pressure: With its exceptional zero-backpressure feature, the Flow 762 Ti allows your semi-auto firearms in 5.56, 6.5, or 7.62 to cycle naturally. This reduces wear on components, mitigates recoil, and offers superior at-the-ear decibel reduction.
  • Best in Class Sound Suppression: Validated by independent testing, the actual sound suppression is better than most suppressors in 30 caliber, and performs almost as well as suppressors designed for deep sound suppression and have high back pressures and against dedicated 5.56 suppressors, the Flow does almost as well, despite having a larger caliber aperture.
  • Reliable Torque Lock Mounting Technology: Equipped with Torque Lock mounting technology, you can trust that the Flow 762 Ti suppressor will stay firmly in place, even in the toughest conditions.
  • Superior Low-Light Performance: Optimized for low-light conditions and featuring a Cerakote finish, the Flow 762 Ti delivers stealth and functionality in any shooting environment.

FAQs and Answers:

What is the benefit of the Flow 762 Ti being 3D-printed?

  • The 3D printing of the Flow 762 Ti allows for complex designs and unique suppression methods, resulting in a lighter suppressor without compromising on strength, quality, or functionality. The intricate construction facilitates superior backpressure reduction, setting the Flow 762 Ti apart from traditional suppressor systems.

What does the Flow 762 Ti's zero backpressure feature mean for my shooting experience?

  • Zero backpressure ensures your semi-automatic firearms in 5.56, 6.5, or 7.62 calibers cycle naturally. This feature reduces wear and tear on components, minimizes recoil, and offers superior at-the-ear decibel reduction, enhancing your shooting comfort and experience.

How does the Torque Lock mounting technology improve my usage of the Flow 762 Ti suppressor?

  • The Torque Lock mounting technology ensures a secure and firm attachment of the Flow 762 Ti suppressor to your firearm. This gives shooters confidence in the suppressor's stability, even under the toughest conditions or during intensive use.  Shooters can choose from a four port brake for 7.72mm and one for 5.56mm, and a flash hider in 5.56mm, which are sold separately.

What makes the Flow 762 Ti suppressor a good suppressor?

  • The Flow 762 Ti stands out due to its innovative design combining 3D-printing technology with Grade 5 titanium. It's ultra-lightweight, offers zero backpressure, and utilizes Torque Lock technology for a secure fit. This suppressor has also passed six cycles of the stringent SOCOM Reliability Stress Test, demonstrating its durability and reliability.  In addition, independent testing has shown that dispite having forward venting flow (which normally hurts sound suppression), the Flow 762 Ti performs better than most traditional suppressor designs, as measured by sound suppression.

How does the Flow 762 Ti suppressor handle low-light conditions?

  • The Flow 762 Ti is optimized for low-light conditions with an integrated flash hider and a Cerakote finish. This makes it an excellent choice for shooters who need a reliable suppressor in various lighting scenarios.
Is HRXWRX the only company that produces forward flow, reduced back pressure and 3-D Printed Suppressors?
  • No, OSS, now HUXWRX was one of the pioneers in this field.  Other manufacturers are producing great products with similar technology.  It is hard to pick a best suppressor, but the Flow 762 is a great choice.
What materials are included with the Flow 762 Ti suppressor?
  • Along with the Flow 762 Ti suppressor, you will receive an Instruction Booklet to guide you through the proper usage and maintenance procedures, a sticker, and a tool to aid with the suppressor installation and removal.
What makes the Flow 762 Ti a reliable suppressor choice?
  • The Flow 762 Ti suppressor has proven its reliability by surviving six cycles of the SOCOM Reliability Stress Test. Built entirely from durable Grade 5 titanium and designed with 3D-printing technology, this suppressor demonstrates robust performance and longevity.
What firearms is the Flow 762 Ti suppressor compatible with?
  • The Flow 762 Ti is a versatile suppressor that can be attached to firearms of various calibers, including 5.56, 6.5, and 7.62, offering users the flexibility to use it across their firearm collection.
What are the benefits of a Flow-Through Suppressor?
  • Flow-Through Technology virtually eliminates blowback and toxic gas that can affect weapon system performance and shooter health. Engineered to deliver superior sound suppression without adversely affecting the weapon system, it operates and functions as it would unsuppressed. The Flow 762 Ti redirects expanding gases away from the shooter's face, eyes, and lungs in a helical pattern, mitigating the exposure to toxic fumes.  While other open-front designs have achieved less back-pressure, the Flow-Through technology from HUXWRX achieves this while also achieving sound suppression levels above its peer group, which puts the 762 Flow in leading position, with no degradation in sound suppression as a result of its gas venting technology.
Can the Flow 762 Ti suppressor be used in adverse conditions?
  • Absolutely! The Flow 762 Ti suppressor utilizes the Torque Lock mounting technology, which ensures the suppressor remains securely attached even under harsh conditions or intensive usage.

The HUXWRX Flow 762 Ti sets a new standard in firearm suppression with its cutting-edge design, superior suppression performance, and unparalleled durability. This lightweight, 3D-printed suppressor is crafted entirely from Grade 5 titanium, promising not only longevity but also outstanding performance. Whether you're a professional shooter or a firearms enthusiast, the Flow 762 Ti is a groundbreaking addition to your shooting experience.  This is not a marketing pitch, but the facts, as proven by Pew Science.

Specifications and Highlights:

  • Weight:  11.8 ounces
  • Length:  6.77 inches
  • Diameter:  1.8 inches
  • Materials:  Titanium Grade 5 (6AL 4V)
  • Coating:  Cerakote High-Temp Black
  • Zero Backpressure
  • Mount:  Requires HUXWRX Torque Lock QD Flash Hider or Brake (not included)
  • Integrated Flash Hider
  • Fully 3-D Printed

photos courtesy of HUXWRX and Alabama Arsenal

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Note:  Charlie's also sells the processor to the Flow, which is the 762 QD Suppressor, which is a little longer and thinner than the Flow 762 Ti

Pew Science Review

Charlie's Custom Clones is a corporate sponsor of Pew Science, and independent suppressor testing organization.  Pew Science has reviewed the HUXWRX Suppressor, and you can read the Pew Science's review of the HUXWRX Flow 762 Ti Suppressor. Some of the observations from the Pew Science Testing are:

  • The Flow 762 Ti is best compared to the HUXWRX QD 762, the Q Thunder Chicken and the Surefire SOCOM RC2 762
  • The Flow 762 Ti fired on a 7.62 bolt gun outperformed by a large margin the Energetic Armament VOX-S, Banish 30, Q Trash Panda, Resonator K and Sandman-S.
  • The Flow 762 Ti fired on a 5.56 semi-auto rifle was one of the better overall performers for sound suppression, with the CGS SCI-Six, and the Flow 556k, both dedicated 5.56 suppressors coming close.  Other contenders with better suppression at the shooters ear, like the Polonium and Surefire RC2, fell short with less sound suppression at the muzzle.  Many other suppressors were far below the performance both at the muzzle and at the shooter's ear.


The summary of the review from Pew Science is as follows:

The HUXWRX FLOW 762 Ti is a relatively compact and lightweight 30 caliber machine gun rated rifle silencer that exhibits significant back pressure reduction and sound signature suppression performance, for its size. Its sound suppression performance on a short barrel 5.56x45mm rifle is significant. Notably, its sound suppression performance at the shooter’s ear on a .308 bolt action rifle is competitive with that of advanced conventional baffle silencers. The silencer is constructed of 3D-printed Grade 5 Titanium and represents one of the most advanced systems evaluated by PEW Science, to date.

On the 5.56mm MK18 short barrel rifle, the suppression performance of the FLOW 762 Ti is extremely high. For a high flow rate silencer to achieve these levels of hazard reduction to both the bystander, and to the shooter, on an untuned MK18 weapon system, is extremely notable. 

The FLOW 762 Ti provides equivalent hazard reduction to bystanders as the CGS SCI-SIX on this platform, which is a highly advanced silencer. Furthermore, the FLOW 762 Ti matches the Composite Suppression Rating of the Surefire SOCOM556-RC2 on the MK18, which is a silencer specifically designed for the platform and it does so with a shooter’s ear hazard reduction that significantly outclasses that of the Surefire silencer.

Of particular note is the performance comparison of the FLOW 762 Ti to that of the Dead Air Nomad-Ti. Both silencers are titanium, both silencers are a similar length, and the FLOW 762 Ti provides equivalent hearing damage risk potential to the operator and bystanders, while [producing less back pressure]. The Flow-Through technology from HUXWRX has now reached a point of efficacy that results in competitive performance across host types. For a silencer with the flow rate of the FLOW 762 Ti to achieve [this], is extremely notable. The FLOW 762 Ti also provides an equivalent level of protection to the weapon operator as a Q Thunder Chicken on [a .308 bolt gun]; a conventional titanium silencer that is over 8 inches long with significantly higher back pressure.

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