HK MP5 Knights Armament Rail Adapter (RAS) from KAC

limited availability, when in-stock, ships 3 to 8 days from ordering

Knights Armament HK MP5 replacement rail


This is a rare piece of history, and brought back by Knights Armament this month, in the "Vault," which is a collection of items from the past.

This is a rail cover for the H&K MP5 assault rifle.  Also included are three KAC 11 rib rail covers.  Fits full size MP5 A2, Sd and 94.  Does not fit the 89 / K small profile pistol models.  If you are unsure, check with us before ordering.

This item is a bit of a unicorn, and if you cannot find the KAC version, Charlies also sells the Canadian Special Forces version, from Cadex:  The Cadex MP5 RAS <- click the link Made to the same spec, just says Cadex.  Both are military contractors.  I would buy the Knights, if available, but it is realease by Knights in low numbers and very infrequently to civilians.

pictures courtesy of Potomac Armory, The Firearms Blog, Movie IMDB, US Navy and HK Parts.


Part 97198