GrayOps Bipod ARCA clamp mount - QD throw lever for 17S head

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GrayOps Bipod ARCA clamp mount - QD throw lever for 17S head

Perfect for Atlas bipod or any ARMS #17s head to clamp to an ARCA rail

This is a small adapter made by a small company that focuses its attention toward precision shooting and many of the nuance parts that you cannot find anywhere, or where other manufacturers took some shortcuts.  Gray Ops CNC products are not inexpensive, because they are precision made in a small shop in the USA.

At Charlie's, we starting looking for something we thought would be easy to find:  a basic ARCA clamp for bipods and other applications.  We found a few, but they had large, bulky knobs that just looked prone to catch something or to break.  We stumbled across GrayOps CNC, and spoke with the owner, and we knew we found something special.  Not just this adapter, but other parts, and probably some custom-made parts.  We love to work with small shops that offer something different, so here we are.

The Bipod ARCA Clamp features a throw-lever QD attachment, that will clamp onto any Arca-Swiss rail, and has the screw sets and groove on the other side to accept an ARMS 17s adapter, like is found on the Atlas bipod, but also found on many attachment points.  The QD throw-lever features an adjustable tension to match your rail and preferences.


  • Easy/ergonomic gripping of lever for attach/detach
  • Throw lever design allows for adjustable tension settings from hard close, to soft close, and a few settings in between. 11 total lockable positions per full “Nut” rotation, which adjusts the tension .002 per position
  • QD Throw lever and all internal stress parts machined from Steel and are Black Nitride
  • Main housing machined from 6061 Aluminum and hard coat black anodized

Note:  Head only, no bipod included.

Manufacturer's Part Number:  GO-TLACL

 Pictures courtesy of Potomac Armory and GreyOps CNC.