Geissele URG-I, "near clone" 11.5" Upper Receiver Group, STRIPPED - 2021 Factory Production

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Geissele Upper Receiver Group, USASOC URG-I 11.5 inch CQBR "near clone" 2021 Geissele production - STRIPPED


The new Close Quarter Battle Receiver is being released in the US Military and goes by a number of names, including a Mk18 upper receiver group version.  Geissele has produced an extremely limited number of what they call a URGI 11.5" upper.

This model is the Geissele near clone correct upper.  This is Geissele's commercial production of what the US Army at USASOC is using as its new Mk18 upper receiver.  This is new production, as reconfigured by Geissele in 2021.

The Mk18 started with the US Navy in 2001, as an answer to how to create a shortened M16 and M4 to use shipboard, and became a "knock the doors down" urban rifle, first being used by the US Navy SEALS during the start of the Global War on Terror, and then spread throughout SOCOM units, then to the US Marines, and finally to main Army units.  The latest evolution is known as the Mk18 Mod 3 originally by the USMC, and the CQBR Block 2 by the US Army.

Geissele, and Charlie's Custom Clones introduced the civilian version of the URGI for the M4A1 in 2018, and Geissele began to morph to a "near clone," and Charlie's and our sister design and build company, Potomac Armory to the "clone correct" versions of the URGI.  This is the latest URGI to be offered by Geissele.

Each URGI is fitted with the handguard Geissele designed specifically for USASOC, the MK 16 M-LOK™ Super Modular Rail handguard with a full-length Picatinny top rail and lots of slots for other accessories. T-markings are engraved on the rail but not painted white to help keep the rifle unobtrusive.


  • Geissele Mil Spec forged M4 receiver with forward assist, shell deflector & ejection port cover
  • Geissele Mk16 Super Modular Handguard with Geissele roll-marks
  • Geissele 11.5" CHF military spec CMV steel allow barrel with 1-7" rifling & 1/2"-28 tpi muzzle threads and carbine gas system, chrome-lined and exterior finished in phosphate
  • Charging handle:  None
  • Geissele Super Gas Block, black nitrided and pinned "bomb proof" installation by Geissele
  • Bolt Carrier Group:  None
  • Muzzle Device:  None
  • Manufacturer's Part Number (in 4-prong configuration) 08-316

Some may remember the original offering from Geissele in 2018 included a 30% off coupon from Surefire for both a SOCOM suppressor and a Surefire flashlight.  Those coupons are no longer offered.  

The 2018 / 2019 URGI is listed here, while supplies last:  Geissele URGI original near clone, new old stock.

ITAR warning:  This item may only be purchased and shipped to US Persons within the USA.  This is a military item, which is restricted from export without US Government permission.