Geissele Super Modular ARCA Swiss Rail Mk18 16" - M-LOK - Black

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Geissele Super Modular Rail Mk18 with ARCA Swiss bottom - 16"

Made for the Precision Shooter, designed for use with a Tripod - M-LOK

The Mk18 ARCA rail is made for the long-range shooter, and unfortunately, is not produced very often.  The design is actually quite brilliant.  Put the ARCA Swiss quick-release system rail all along the bottom, with no need to add an adapter, and then M-LOK connection points at three positions on each side, and topped off with a full Picatinny top rail.  This makes for the ability to slide a bipod or tripod with an ARCA adapter, or saddle, in the case of the tripod, the full length of the rail.

Because of its length and the need to support the rifle at various points along the rail with a tripod, the Mk18 rail is a bit heftier than other Geissele rails, and longer at 16", with the long-range shooter using an 18" to 24" barrel.


  • Length:  16"
  • Outer Diameter:  1.59"
  • Inner Diameter:  1.26"
  • Height:  2.08"
  • Weight 17.0 oz without barrel nut
  • Material:  Aircraft grade 7000 series aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized with Type 3 hardcoat black finish

The Mk18 ARCA M-LOK rail was adapted from the Mk16 rail, used by the US Military, and then morphing the lower section into a flat base for the ARCA style 35mm wide form with a 45 degree dovetail, that allows quick mounting to an Arca-Swiss Quick Release mounting base, sliding into any position along the rail. The MK18 features Geissele’s  2.25” long barrel nut that interfaces with the receiver and creates a platform that can be trusted to be straight and true the entire length of the free float rail. The 16” long MK18 is 3D precision machined using 7000 Series Aluminum to form a strong, rigid and lightweight profile.

The Mk18 ACRA rail is compatible with AR style rifles using forged milspec upper receivers for 5.56mm rifles

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Note: package contains rail, barrel nut and Allen wrenches.  Does not contain gas block.  Does not contain barrel nut wrench.  If you have not purchased a Geissele rail before, you will need to add a Geissele barrel nut wrench.

Manufacturer's Product No.  05-791B

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