Energetic Armament VOX-K Center Fire Short Suppressor - FDE

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Energetic Armament VOX-K Suppressor in FDE

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Energetic Armament VOX-K Multi-Caliber Center Fire Short Suppressor in FDE

The very popular VOX-K, now available in FDE -- a Charlie's exclusive -- great for short barreled rifles and 300 BO rifles and pistols.

It is not often that you see something unique in the suppressed fire community, but this might be it.  The VOX starts with superior materials that perform best when really hot, and then provide solid suppressed fire and durability and almost universal configurability across legacy adapters.  Now, the "K" version cuts the size down and keeps the performance up.

The K is the same construction, but a more kurtz, or shorter version.  4.9" and just under 10 oz, makes the VOX-K one of the highest performing short 30 caliber suppressors on the market.

Constructed from a unique ultra-low carbon alloy containing nickel cobalt and molybdenum, the Maraging 300 steel gains strength as it gets hot.  What a great idea for a suppressor that sees super heated gas.  The ultra strength of this unique aerospace alloy allows the VOX™ to achieve very low weight without sacrificing durability.  The high strength alloy allows thinner walls which not only optimize low weight but also increases internal volume while maintaining a small outer envelope. More internal volume= better sound attenuation. allows the VOX Suppressors to perform like heavy duty stainless, while having the reduced weight like a titanium can.

The Vox is CNC welded from C300 Maraging, a nickel-cobalt superalloy.  Developed by NASA to meet extreme high-temperature stress requirements, the aerospace alloy has an incredible strength to weight ratio.  At 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit the Vox's material is stronger than both stainless steel or titanium at room temperature. 

Energetic Armament features a lifetime, no bullshit, guarantee. If you need help, EA will be there to take care of your silencer. Our patent pending banded core construction allows us to repair damaged silencers quickly and get you back on the firing line.  Take a look.  The serialized component is removable, allowing replacement of the core of the suppressor, should something happen.

The VOX K comes from the factory with a 5/8X24 Direct Thread, but it is compatible with the Dead Air KeyMO, Q Plan B, SilencerCO ASR, Omega, Area49 Hellfire or direct thread with separate 1/2-28 adapter available from Charlie's.

The VOX-K is first black nitride coated for superior corrosion resistance, and then the exterior is Cerakoted FDE.

Multi-Caliber rated 

  • 5.56
  • 7.62
  • .308 Win
  • .300 Black Out (Full Auto)
  • .300 WM
  • .300 RUM


The wipe material is 1/8″ reinforced silicone sheet (McMaster-Carr PN 3635K17) that is punched with punch (McMaster-Carr PN 3427A26) out 1-1/8″ dia disks. The use of an end grain wood block or soft plastic anvil is recommended. The nose hex is 1-1/4″ (wrench supplied) and the wipe retainer uses a 9/16″ socket. All threads should have an anti seize applied when reassembling (McMaster-Carr PN 1288K12)

Wipes may be replaced by a dealer or users can repair their silencers; they just can’t manufacture and stockpile silencer parts. Making and replacing wipes 1:1 is acceptable. You cannot make them for other people or have more than one at a time. The old wipe should be destroyed before a new one is made.


Note:  Suppressors must transfer to a local firearms dealer who is also an SOT or Class 3 holder.  Ask your local gunshop to send their credentials to FFL@charliescustomclones.com

Purchasing a Suppressor is super easy at Charlie's.  Pick out your suppressor, purchase it, and then ask your local gun shop to send us their credentials, and we send your suppressor to your local guy.  You will work with your local gun dealer to process your Form 4 tax stamp.

Check-out detailed instructions here:  how to buy a suppressor online.