Energetic Armament Lux Titanium Precision Rifle 6.5mm Suppressor

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Energetic Armament Lux Titanium Precision Rifle 6.5mm Suppressor

Expected release date is Apr 11th 2020

Energetic Armament Lux Titanium Precision Rifle 6.5mm Suppressor

You loved the VOX, and now comes the Lux for long range precision shooting

The Lux is a longer suppressor, with an integrated mount, designed to be dedicated to ELR and PRS rifle shooting where every shot matters a very long distances, and quietly.  The Lux is one of the lightest weight mounts in its class.  Where the VOX was made for more rapid fire and shorter distances, and with incredible metal capabilities to maintain heat, the Lux is designed to be light, quiet and long-range, and quite thin.

The Lux™ silencer is a lightweight precision engineered rifle silencer. The silencer core is welded to AWS standards from US Origin, DFARS compliant, 6Al-4V titanium. The Lux™ silencer, including the Centrix™ mount is 7.9 in. long, 8.82 oz. and features an 7 baffle core with the patent pending Serial ID ring. This serial ID ring allows quick factory replacement of the core, should damage ever occur, without loss of alignment or concentricity. The silencer utilizes the industry standard 1.375×24 mount thread pattern allowing a wide range of mount options including the Centrix™ mount. The internal surfaces of the Lux™ are coated with a proprietary boron nitride process to provide wear and fouling resistance. The external surfaces are finished with Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC). This finish is dark gray and provides excellent surface protection for your silencer.

While Energetic Armament includes its new proprietary Centrix (brake) mount, the Lux can similarly be fitted with an EA 5/8"-24 or 1/2"-28 direct thread mounts, or an adapter, like the Dead Air Key-Mo adapter for use with the Dead Air mounts, or other industry standard adapters from Silencerco, Q and Area 419.



Length 7.63"
Weight 7.72 oz
Width 1.50"
Material Welded Core 6Al-4V Titanium with DLC finish
Mount 5/8"-24 Centrix Brake from Energetic Armament
Finish DLC exterior with Boron Nitride internals
Color dark gray
bore rating standard 6.5mm and smaller caliber
design welded baffle stack with fixed nose cap for 6.5mm
dealer Charlie's Custom Clones











  • Lux™ Silencer w/ Centrix™ mount
  • 7.62mm Centrix™ self-timing brake, 5/8-24
  • Wrench multi-tool
  • Vox Blox™ vise block
  • Packet of anti-seize
  • Instruction manual
  • Decals

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