Elcan SpecterDR 1x4x with Reflex Red Dot combo - 5.56mm in FDE

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Elcan Specter DR 1-4x with Xoptek reflex red dot


DUAL ROLE COMBAT SIGHT with reflex red dot

The SpecterDR 4x/1x Dual Role Optical Sight represents a revolution in optical sight design. The world’s first truly dual field of view combat optical sight, the SpecterDR switches instantly from a 4x magnified sight to a 1x CQB sight with the throw of a lever. Unlike zoom sights, the SpecterDR offers an optimized optical path and identical eye relief in both 4x and 1x modes.

Depending upon the situation, the user may adjust the sight to illuminate the crosshair or just a brilliant red dot in the center. In 1x mode, the SpecterDR has by far the largest field of view in the industry. In 4x mode the SpecterDR offers a generous field of view, long eye relief, and ELCAN’S legendary crystal clear image.

The SpecterDR 4x/1x offers the best single solution for both Medium Range and CQB engagements and is designed to withstand the rigors of modern professional use.

The SpecterDR comes with the CX5395 reticle, especially tuned for 5.56mm NATO ammunition (T1 model)

The XOPTEK "RMR" type reflex sight is made by ATI, the manufacturer's representative for Elcan, and Tangent Theta.  This reflex sight is made for the Specter DR.

Note:  All Elcan Specter DR models ship complete with  ARMS mountTenebraex flip-covers and Tenabraex ARD.

Note on availability and shipping times:  Charlie's will be getting this scopes in regularly, but due to the new pricing and popularity of the scope, we may be back-ordered from time to time. Place your order, and please be patient.  We do not expect unusually long lead times, but these come from Canada, and we are also second fiddle to US Military needs, so your order could take a week or two to ship.  Not long, but often not immediate.