Dead Air Xeno Xero Minimalist Tapered Mount - 5/8x24

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Dead Air Xeno Xero Tapered Minimalist Mount - 5/8X24

A lightweight micro QD adapter with a .458 bore for Dead Air's Xeno mounting system.

The Dead Air KeyMo system has been popular for years for its simplicity. No need to turn lock rings or press ratchet latches. But the KeyMo is heavy and the muzzle devices tend to be on the long side. Dead Air is currently pushing the envelope in the lightweight suppressor world. Their new 3D printed titanium line is full of featherweight powerhouses. So why take an ultralight silencer and add 30% or more of its weight back for a QD system? Simple is light, simple is strong, simple is good. Dead Air proves simple can also be advanced with the Xeno system.


  • Durable 4140 HT alloy steel construction
  • Black Nitride finish
  • Left hand device threads with taper
  • Excellent repeatability and return to zero
  • Compact size reduces blast chamber intrusion for optimal sound
  • Seamless compatibility with Dead Air Xeno Adapters
  • No shims required
  • Manufacturer's Part Number DA128

The Xeno Xero is the smallest and lightest mount from Dead Air. Its innovative taper design, left-hand threads, and accessible tool features provide an optimal platform for accuracy, while still being tough enough to withstand hard use. This simple yet sophisticated mount takes the complexity out of maximizing your shooting capabilities. The Xeno system can be used on any HUB compatible silencer equipped with a Xeno Adapter (sold seperately). With its short length and .458 bore, the Xero 5/8X24 mount is perfect for .45 ACP SMGs and .300 Blackout PDWs. The short length is also excellent for silencers with short blast chambers. A Xero looks great on bolt guns.

Dead Air's use of 4140 chrome moly steel is a deliberate choice to offer the best performance for long term use. Many manufacturer's use 17-4 stainless steel. While this is an excellent steel, it can gall if not treated properly. The nitride finish used on the Xeno gives excellent corrosion resistance and surface hardness for durability.

Dead Air also gives ample tool surfaces to work with. Many companies don't leave enough access to wrench flats to re-tighten or to remove a silencer or muzzle device while they are mounted.

What's different about the Xeno?

So why should you choose the Xeno system over something like a Q Plan B or Rearden Atlas? Dead Air built the Xeno to solve common problems seen in other mount systems. The biggest difference is the use of left hand threads. Left hand threaded devices have the unique advantage of being removed by turning the opposite direction used to tighten the muzzle device to the barrel. This prevents the muzzle device coming off inside the silencer when it is removed due to the silencer being turned in the direction that would tighten the device to barrel.


Thread Pitch 5/8X24

4140 HT Alloy Steel


Black Nitride




1.50 oz.

Outside Diameter


Through Bore


Tool Features

3/4 wrench flats