Commando Retro XM177 Flash Moderator - 6" long for short barrels

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Commando Retro XM177 Long Flash Compensator - Moderator

perfect for a short barreled retro build, pin and welded yields over 16"

The Commando Retro XM177 Long Flash Compensator - Moderator: A Tribute to Craftsmanship

In the realm of firearms, where history intertwines with the present, the Commando Retro XM177 Long Flash Compensator - Moderator stands tall. This isn't an accessory—it's an ode, a song of steel and sweat, sung to the historical CAR-15 design. The echoes of the Vietnam War resonate in its shape, a testament to Colt's quest to quell the muzzle's roar.

Remember the "Duck Bill"? The three-pronged hider that promised so much but delivered so little? That was but a stepping stone on a journey towards success—the XM-177 Moderator. This, the tool that made the US Army nod in approval, this is the design that the Commando Retro XM177 Long Flash Compensator - Moderator draws its lifeblood from.

Brought to you by the stalwarts at KAK Industries, the retro aesthetic of the '60s meets the cutting-edge engineering of today in a dance of design and functionality. This moderator isn't a mere piece of equipment. It's a time-traveling artifact, merging history with the future, blending effortlessly with the latest in firearm tech.

Product Highlights

  • CNC machined from bar steel
  • Heat treated for strength
  • Phosphate coated to protect from corrosion
  • Threaded 1/2-28
  • Bore sized for use on both 5.56mm and 9mm barrels
  • 5 flash hiding ports, sealed bottom similar to an A2 flash hider
  • Fits well with or without a grenade collar
  • 6.15" over all length
  • 1.0" diameter
  • Adds approximately 5.56" to overall length of barrel when pinned and welded.
  • .125" hole pre-drilled for pin and weld
  • Weight:  9.7oz

Craftsmanship? No, this is artistry, the kind that comes from precision machining. The kind that takes a block of bar steel and carves it into a masterpiece. With the heat-treated resilience of a warrior and a corrosion-resistant phosphate coating, this accessory is built to weather the storm of time.

At the heart of the design, a threaded 1/2-28 bore accommodates both 5.56mm and 9mm barrels. Five flash hiding ports and a sealed bottom reminiscent of an A2 flash hider bestow upon the Commando Retro XM177 Long Flash Compensator - Moderator a versatility unparalleled.

Size matters, and this moderator understands. When pinned and welded, it extends a 10.5" barrel over 16", deftly sidestepping the label of a short-barreled rifle. With a slender diameter of 1.0" and an overall length of 6.15", it's a fitting companion for a myriad of builds.

And it doesn't stop there. Whether your heart yearns for an XM177 or a Colt Model 610, or perhaps a Colt Model 619/620, this moderator is the perfect companion. It melds seamlessly with the Colt Model 630 or USAF GAU-5A, Colt Model 639, and the Colt Model 649 or USAF GAU-5A/A.

Ease of installation? Of course! A pre-drilled .125" hole, a standard .750" wrench, and you're good to go. KAK Industries, with its commitment to affordable, no-nonsense AR15 solutions, ensures a hassle-free experience, as smooth as a well-oiled bolt.

While its ancestor, the original XM-177, excelled in sound suppression, this incarnation walks a different path. The ethos of an extended flash hider shines through, without the concerns of sound suppression. A history lesson, a practical approach, and modern compliance, all rolled into one.

So, whether your heart is set on a Commando clone build, or something more...exotic, this Commando Retro XM177 Long Flash Compensator - Moderator is your key to unlocking your creativity. It's not just a tool, it's a companion in your journey of creation. Let the sparks fly with KAK Industries.

This is the proper muzzle device for the following reproduction builds:

  • XM177 or Colt Model 610
  • XM177E1 or Colt Model 609
  • Colt Model 619/620
  • XM177E2 or Colt Model 629
  • Colt Model 630 or USAF GAU-5A
  • Colt Model 639
  • Colt Model 649 or USAF GAU-5A/A

Requires standard .750" wrench for installation

Manufacturer's Part Number AR15-MD-FH-001

Note:  Due to limited supplies, Limit of ONE PART PER ORDER, until supplies resume to normal.