Commando Retro XM177 Flash Moderator - 4" long for 12.5" barrels

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Commando Retro XM177 4" Flash Compensator - Moderator

Perfect for a short barreled retro build - Pin and welded yields over 16" on a 12.5" or longer barrel.

Made by KAK Industries, known for manufacturing no-nonsense, affordable AR-15 solutions. The design is inspired by the XM177 Moderator. This product will extend a 12.5" barrel to 16" when pinned and welded permanently to the barrel.

Background on the Moderator

Colt began testing a number of 10" machine guns that are a part of the CAR-15 design in the 1960s during the Vietnam War. Colt experimented with the "Duck Bill" 3 prong flash hider and then a second generation of 3 prong flash hiders, but neither really met the needs of the US Army in reducing muzzle blast. The early Moderators were 3-1/2" long and had no flash slots. In the mid-1960s the 4.3" version was introduced as part of the XM177 Commando rifle. By 1967, the XM177E2 continued to use the slotted 4.3" moderator with a grenade ring. The 4.3" moderators were tested by ATF and found to make some minor sound suppression, and Colt stopped making the moderator. The KAK moderator is designed to be long enough to pin and weld to avoid a short barreled rifle, when pinned to an 12.5" barrel and also not cause sound suppression.

Note: A moderator is not a suppressor, and is not designed to reduce the sound from a rifle. The moderator, as designed in the 1960s was an extended flash hider. This moderator will be a great addition to your Commando clone build, or who knows - something even more exotic.

Product Highlights:

  • CNC machined from bar steel
  • Heat treated for strength
  • Phosphate coated to protect from corrosion
  • Threaded 1/2X28
  • Bore sized for use on both 5.56mm and 9mm barrels
  • 5 flash hiding ports, sealed bottom similar to an A2 flash hider
  • 4.15" over all length
  • 1.0" diameter
  • Adds approximately 3.56" to overall length of barrel when pinned and welded.
  • .125" hole pre-drilled for pin and weld
  • Weight: 6.4oz
  • Requires standard .750" wrench for installation

Manufacturer's Part Number AR15-XM177-FH-001

This is the proper muzzle device for the following reproduction builds:

  • XM177 or Colt Model 610
  • XM177E1 or Colt Model 609
  • Colt Model 619/620
  • XM177E2 or Colt Model 629
  • Colt Model 630 or USAF GAU-5A
  • Colt Model 639
  • Colt Model 649 or USAF GAU-5A/A