Colt M4 lower receiver, complete 2018-19 production

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Colt M4 lower receiver, complete 2018-19 production

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Colt M4 lower receiver, complete

Colt 2018 / 2019 production lower receivers, complete.  100% Colt parts, M4 Carbine marked lower, with the QR code on the magazine well.  CR serial number, blah, blah, blah.

Charlie's sources new Colt factory lowers and also "take-offs" from full rifles.  This item is a rifle take-off.  Not used, only fired at Colt factory for testing.  Not eligible for a pistol build.

All lowers are sold no return policy, as we do not accept returns for firearms, unless your FFL advises of damage.  Scrapes and scratches are not damage on this lower, that is called "Colt."

Serial Number Series:  CR
QR Code:  Yes, left on magwell
Virgin Lower:  No, rifle take-off MAY NOT BE USED TO BUILD A PISTOL



THIS IS A SERIALIZED FIREARM.  IT MUST SHIP TO AN Federal Firearms License holder.  No civilian exceptions.

Note:  California residents, click here for CA compliant processing.  This will also work for New York residents.  We will act on your behalf and instructions to ship to restrictive states, but ultimately, it is your responsibility to know the local and state laws.  We are in Virginia, and cannot, and do not know all the nuances of other states.  If we ship to your FFL, and there is an issue, we cannot accept a return, so please make sure that you know and follow your local and state laws.

Be sure to read our return policy.  While your satisfaction is our primary concern, we are limited in a highly regulated business environment by what we can and cannot do, and the number of local, state and federal regulations.  We do not accept returns for ammunition and firearms, other than obvious defects.  Your gun dealer or transfer agent is responsible for inspection for defects: