Cadex Dual Strike Chassis for Stiller Long Action TAC-338, CIP - various colors

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Cadex Dual Strike for Stiller TAC-338 Long Action, CIP Length

One of the most advanced chassis for bolt action shooting, here for .338 rounds.

Unleashing Superior Power: The Cadex Dual Strike Chassis

Stepping into the world of superior accuracy, the Cadex Dual Strike Chassis for Stiller TAC-338 Long Action, CIP Length, is your ultimate companion in the field. Expertly crafted to handle wide barrels and large actions, this powerhouse chassis is perfect for those seeking a performance edge. With an inner diameter boasting a spacious 1.8", there's no compromise on strength or durability.

The Dual Strike's distinguishing feature is its robust top Picatinny rail, offering 20 to 40 MOA built-in. Providing adaptability for various scopes, it's your ticket to a top-notch shooting experience. With a folding stock, it's a compact piece of weaponry that doesn't compromise on firepower.

The Dual Strike chassis is built to handle with widest of barrels and the largest of actions.  The inner diameter has a spacious 1.8" of room.


Customizable to Your Needs: Enhanced User Comfort.  Every shooter is unique, and so should be their gear. Cadex recognizes this and offers the Dual Strike with either a standard full-sized or a skeletonized stock. Simply choose what suits you better. The best part? No extra cost is associated with the choice of stock.

The Cadex Dual Strike Chassis also features an oversized trigger guard and magazine release, making gloved shooting a breeze. With an ergo grip, your comfort and control are enhanced, ensuring a seamless shooting experience.

The Ultimate Tactical Advantage: Accessory Compatibility:  The Cadex Dual Strike Chassis is designed to give you the upper hand in any situation. With a heavy-duty fore end, the chassis allows for attachment of accessory rails at 3-, 6-, and 9-o'clock positions. Available in a multitude of colors and compatible with a variety of popular magazines, this chassis is the definition of versatility and personalization.

The Cadex Dual Strike Chassis has a Picatinny rail on the tube, and a smaller (separate) rail that connects (screws in) to the top of the receiver.  This chassis setup for a Stiller XL Action (TAC-338).  Cadex makes a number of other specific action setups for the Dual Strike.  Many times the bottom screws are standard in a Remington 700 pattern, and the difference from action to action is the placement of the top screws in the rail above the receiver.  Sorry, this gets confusing.  


  • Tool-free, fully-adjustable stock
  • Monopod rail
  • Folding buttstock, which protects bolt handle when completely folded
  • Standard Buttstock is included;  Skeleton stock is optional, and available at time of ordering, with no extra charge
  • Oversized trigger guard and magazine release, enabling gloved-shooting without issue
  • Ergo grip (rubberized, finger-grooved)
  • 20 MOA full-length dual top rail, which attaches to fore end tube
  • Aluminum detachable base, permitting easy access for trigger adjustment
  • Heavy-duty fore end, permitting attachment of accessory rails at 3-, 6-, and 9-o'clock positions
  • Sleeves are available to permit use of many popular magazines
  • Long action chassis weigh 7.43 lbs
  • Available in a number of colors.  We have the most popular listed as options, but can order other colors.  The distressed colors are at an additional cost.

Note:  This item is ordered from the factory.  Please allow 8 weeks for delivery

Features in Pictures

Folding Buttstock:  Reverse folding butt stock offers bolt handle protection and ultra-compact transport.



Locking Mechanism:  Rattle free locking mechanism. Easy manipulation with gloves.



Folding Hinge:  Offset cam to remove any free play.



Tool-Free Adjustable Length of Pull



Tool-Free Adjustable Cheek Rest


Magazine Sleeve:  Multiple magazine sleeves are available to fit most magazine types on the market, as separate options



Aluminum Detachable Base:  Removable for trigger maintenance or tuning without need to remove your action and lose your zero.



Full-Length Dual Top Rail:  20 MOA full length dual top rail. Except .50 BMG model that comes with 40 MOA top rail.



Fore-End Tube:  Heavy Duty Fore-end tube providing rail placement at 3, 6 and 9 O’Clock.



Grip:  Finger grooved rubberized Cadex grip



Trigger Guard:  Oversized trigger guard and magazine release for easy manipulation with gloves.



Roller Bedding Technology:  Barreled action sits on 4 rollers to provide a stable platform that reduce barrel vibrations.



Manufacturer's Part Number:  STKDL-STL-RH-XL