Cadex CDX-30 Guardian Lite Long-Range Precision Rifle, 6.5CM, 24" barrel, tan

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Cadex CDX-30 6.5 CM Sniper rifle 24"

Cadex CDX-30 Guardian Lite Rifle, 6.5CM, 24" barrel, tan

what a great sniper rifle or precision rifle.  Out of the box perfection, custom made.

The CDX-30 Guardian Lite sniper rifles combine all mandatory features that an operator needs in the field. Nothing is left to chance and every detail has been designed to offer the best extreme range sub-minute sniper system on the market. The CDX-Lite precision rifle will be your most reliable partner. One shot, one kill… Then extract safely.


CDX-30 Guardian Lite (6.5 Creedmoor, 24" Barrel)

Color : TAN

Top Rail : 20 MOA

Mag Type : DSSF 3.055"

Trigger : DX2

Bolt Knob : D

Magazine : MAG100-0040

Twist Rate : 1-8"

Thread Pitch : 5/8-24"

OAL : 43.9"

Weight:  43 ilbs